Many of the questions could not be clarified, the investigators seemingly so far. The deadly incident on may 26. August 2018 was raised in Chemnitz, a number of xenophobic demonstrations, which attracted nationwide attention. Farhad A. is since of the fact to the escape. The charges appeared to be based Essentially on a load of witnesses to be threatened.

According to a witness testimony of the main suspect Farhad should have been A. the night of the Crime under the influence of drugs. Against 3 o’clock at night, he should be referred to the subsequent victim of Daniel H. and after a “map” have asked. However, he is caught with a Finger to his nose and audibly inhaled, so, apparently, cocaine pre-sniffles plays. The victim, Daniel H., the right medicine should also found use of cocaine in small quantities. Whether the offender and the victim knew each other, did not clarify the police apparently.

Farhad A. have embraced Daniel H., and with him discussed. According to information from NDR, WDR, MDR, and SZ it came to a quarrel, in consequence of Farhad A. went to the ground. The Syrian refugee Alaa S. was Farhad rushed to A. then, for help and together, they would then have Daniel H. with a knife attacked. Whether the defendant Alaa S. a knife had but, in fact, appears to be moot.

a knife

The police found only a knife, traces of the later victim, Daniel H., According to information from NDR, WDR, MDR, and SZ were to be found on this knife, no trace of the accused Alaa S.. The autopsy is reported to have produced no clear result on the question of whether in fact one or two knives were used.

Alaa S. denies the fact. Will be charged through the statements of a witness. In dispute, however, seems, what have been the witness exactly what he described to the police. He is said to have stood 50 meters away from the murder scene. A knife he had not seen, as the witness, but high-impact movements.

The interpreter, however, that his statement to police translated, saying that he had in his first statements expressly of the “Sting”. However, the witness denies energetic today. He had not spoken of bites, but only from shock. However, the witness put a severe strain on the imprisoned Alaa S.. Alaa S. have participated in the attack against Daniel H., to he have and photos, identified says.

the land court decides on impeachment

the witness was put under pressure. According to information from NDR, WDR, MDR, and SZ, he has reimbursed in September to the police. Known by Alaa S. had visited him at his place of work and to him directed, that he would be sent back in a coffin in his home. Among other things, he had been a chair and beaten. He live in great fear and panic. Currently, the charges of the Prosecutor against Alaa S. at the country court in Chemnitz, which will decide, according to a spokeswoman in the coming days whether it will allow the prosecution and the process opened in March.

According to information from NDR, WDR, MDR, and SZ is a lawyer by Alaa S. has requested the transfer of the process in a different state. In their view, public safety would be in jeopardy if the process in Saxony, Thuringia or Brandenburg will be opened.

they feared that it could lead to “massive protests” if the process takes place as planned in Chemnitz. Right-wing groups and parties would use the process against the suspects Syrian refugee Alaa S. to run the election campaign for the Federal States of Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg. The lawyer would not comment on the request, just as Oliver Marson, the public defender of Alaa S.



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