While Stuttgart and Hamburg Diesel-driving imposed prohibitions, you don’t play in Munich: The provincial government must create plans to control Air pollution, has assessed the driving prohibitions under the new air quality plan for Munich, but ultimately rejected. First of all, the “evening newspaper had reported” about it. For rejection there are three main reasons: declining values for nitrogen oxide pollution on busy roads, and the fact that for measurements in residential areas, nowhere exceedances were measured . “The air in Munich is much better than many assume, and by the free state in 2017 was calculated”, Munich’s Lord mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) said at the presentation of the latest data.

traffic should not be in residential areas diverted in Hamburg

The third reason for the rejection of the proportionality is. While the city of Hamburg, was, that after two blocked streets of cars and heavy traffic in residential areas dodged and there for more stress caused, want Munich to avoid exactly that. FOCUS Online recommends:

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While there are, despite falling Numbers still the limit values are Exceeded for oxides of nitrogen on some roads, such as the Middle Ring. A Shift of traffic in residential areas, however, is viewed by the government as a disproportionate means to ensure that EU limit values are complied with at some traffic-related measurement.

“Yet all the slats on the fence?”: On the subject of driving bans car bursts-expert of the collar FOCUS Online Journalist rails against driving bans in Berlin, armed with the DUH goes to the next round

Bavaria’s state government to direct the course of confrontation to a political Lobby Organisation of the German environmental aid (DUH), wants nationwide to enforce driving bans in court. Over the driving ban dispute is not likely to be so, because the environment is appeals against the decision of the state government is well again. Nationwide support for the state-funded Lobby-the Association gets from the SPD and the Greens. Other cities, which also bans threaten, and could but under pressure to act: The claim that they could not defend themselves legally against driving bans is highlighted by the example of Munich.

Less Parking and traffic in the City

While many of the commuters, artisans and companies that depend on diesel vehicles, have to be feared on the roads, and the Middle Ring so for the time being, no restrictions, want to make the Central districts of Munich is, in principle, more areas of the City car-free. Thus, it is expected for Wednesday, a decision that in the Fraunhoferstraße in the Isarvorstadt neighborhood, all Parking spaces will disappear. So you want to give cyclists and pedestrians more space; cycle and walkways should be widened to the space.

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