At the Frankfurt airport will be cancelled due to the Strikes, according to current planning, about every third flight. According to the operator, Fraport, the airlines have at the largest German Airport, a total of approximately 570 and departures deleted. Were planned to the day, a Fraport spokesman, 1200 aircraft movements.

The trade unions Verdi and DBB have called the security personnel in Frankfurt, on Tuesday in the time from 2.00 PM to 20.00 at your work. Also, seven other German airports are to be announced for Tuesday’s Strikes.

The airport Association ADV, warned: “The German air power threatens to be paralysed.” According to ADV calculations, at least 220 000 passengers will be affected.

This means the following airports are affected on Tuesday directly:

  • Frankfurt: 570 flights In and out cancelled, of which 400 Lufthansa flights
  • Hamburg : 109 Starts and 91 landings
  • Munich deleted : 100 of 630 Lufthansa flights
  • Hannover : 26 departures and 16 arrivals are deleted from deleted
  • Bremen : 27 of 58 flights cancelled
  • Leipzig/Halle : 28 and departures, fall, and holiday flights will start
  • Dresden : 27 arrivals and departures, and holiday flights to
  • Erfurt-Weimar : No effect start to fall, because no flights on Tuesday

queue count Because of the actions that should drag on for the whole day, with severe restrictions in the air transport sector. The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport advised passengers to come to the Terminal.

here it comes to flight default

Thus, airports are not affected indirectly – even if the employees lay down their work.

  • Stuttgart : 40 take-offs and landings cancelled
  • Düsseldorf : Three take-offs and four landings to and from Frankfurt
  • Cologne/Bonn: Twelve take-offs and twelve landings to and from Hamburg cancelled Leipzig and Dresden are deleted

get the cancellations: On these routes, it today comes to delays and failures

What you need to know travelers now

the first point of contact for passengers, the airline is always, in the case of package tours is the tour operator. The airport provides on its website detailed information about current departure and arrival times. In the case of information from the Internet, it is advisable to print, in order to have later a receipt.

  • Helpful: you have Those rights due to flight default

Cancel or Rebook

A strike, cancelled flight, the customer can cancel, he gets back his money. Who wants to fly anyway, you are entitled to a later flight. It may take a while until the strike is over – and even longer as a backwater.

Is a replacement flight until the next day, or later, must, the Airline, accommodation and Transfers to Hotel. In the case of a package travel, the tour operator must provide alternative transport. Display Now Ticket at the Deutsche Bahn


to book For flights up to 1,500 kilometres, passengers will have two hours of delay claim to care and support services – i.e., telephone calls, beverages, meals and, where appropriate, an Overnight stay in a Hotel.

In a range from 1500 to 3500 kilometres, there is support for three hours, after 3500 miles after four hours.


Also if you have a large foreseeable delay, passengers should always be to the original departure time at the airport. There is the risk that the airline can, in fact, used to be a replacement flight is otherwise, and travellers miss it then.


In the event of cancellation, Overbooking or delay of over three hours, passengers have according to the EU regulation are entitled to a compensation up to 600 Euro but only if there is no “exceptional” circumstance to blame for it.

The airlines ‘ values of strike, but just as miserable weather as an exceptional circumstance. Compensation there is not therefore. Consumer advocates this view, however, of legal doubt. Drive-Now: one-time registration fee is now only 19 Euro (display) Alternative to the plane: Now DriveNow to the advantage of price.

book In FOCUS Online/Wochit rain line Germany is divided into two halves – then it will be stormy mja/with Agency material


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