“Really, I wash my hands really never.” Both of his moderation partner Ed Henry and Jedediah Bila could hardly believe it. “My intent is for 2019 is that I tell everything on air, what I say off air. I don’t think I washed my hands in the past ten years.”

He vaccinate. “Germs are not the real thing. I can’t see them. Therefore, they are not real,” said Hegseth on TV. As a result, he would be immune to bacteria, led by the Moderator. In a Retweet and the Hashtag “Don’t wash” (English: “do Not wash”) he confirmed his statement.

All just a joke?

Pete Hegseth is Whether it is really seriously meant, is doubtful. “If even Chris Hayes recognizes the Obvious…,” said Hegseth on a Tweet of the “MSNBC”-moderator Hayes. Mutatis mutandis, translated wrote: “He was joking, surely?”

joke or not, Fox’s friend and U.S. President Donald Trump may not like these statements at all. Trump is considered to be a thorough hands washer. As “Newsweek” reported, he had betrayed in 1993 in an Interview that he wash as often as possible on the day of the hands. “I like cleanliness,” he said.

– governmental organisations hand hygiene

recommend reported such As “USA today”, found the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” (comparable to the Federal centre for health education in Germany) the statements made are also not quite as funny as perhaps Hegseth. The National Board of health points out that a gram of human feces contains a trillion germs.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Verona Pooth gives in-depth insights and makes their Fans almost speechless mgb


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