the engagement of her grandson didn’t know personally: “I learned it from the television, of course, I wish my grandson and wife Klum all the luck in the world. I am very happy for the both of you,” she says in an Interview with “SUPERillu”.

Personally, you can’t congratulate Tom. Since then, the musicians moved away from Germany, broke the contact. Whether you will be invited to the wedding, is also uncertain.

she has not even a phone number

With a view on the current Situation, she says: “I find it very sad. Just on new year’s eve I suffer from. Earlier what was going on here, always right. My grandson dressed up so nice, in a good mood.”

What exactly led to the break, can’t answer, Ursula. In the meantime, you should not have a phone number of Bill and Tom. “If I wanted to reach you, I would have to me questions,” she says in the Interview. Nevertheless, she makes it clear that your door is always open.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Verona Pooth gives in-depth insights and makes their Fans almost speechless pk


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