Christina got out of the car and los trilled with limited vocal talent on it: “Come, let us away from here, pack your bags, I’ll tell you where to go”, and whistled.

Andrey was taken aback and politely: “Yes, This is a welcome,” he muttered. But it got worse. Christina had a attention of a special kind for the 31-year-old Ex-basketball player: she reached out to him radiant with a whip. “The Emergency Whip. I’ll ride,“ she clearly ambiguous. “And what are you doing with the whip, is up to you.” Andrei-in-law, Gentleman.

Christina, for their part, had already made a film significantly, that you could imagine for the whip off the horse sport is quite possibilities. You don’t need a man who’ll get you the stars from the sky. “It’s quite a bit of solid is allowed to go within the sleeping room”, opened it, and added happily: “mommy, sorry”.

a Lot of malice for Christina

Whether out of fear of the consequences of a rejection of, or out of genuine enthusiasm – at Andrey the brash appearance of the brunette Christina effect showed, and he presented for the first time in “Bachelor”history already at this early date a Rose, which secured the more to come in the next round. screenshot/RTL

Christina gets the first Rose of the season

In the favor of the spectators, Christina – officially trained as a pharmaceutical assistant, but also Miss the North of Germany and Soapdarstellerin – fell, however, as quickly as they progressed. A flood of comments accumulated in the network. Christina will hear even more.

FOCUS Online/Glomex event on Sat.1-samples: Désirée Nick have to fall to the hospital


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