a spokesman for the police in Kaiserslautern said on Monday. According to previous findings, the four burglars had tried on Sunday evening, in the house of the family. The apartment owners have fought back and the offender with a knife and injured.

One dead after robbery in Landstuhl

The victim was able to escape according to the police, the accomplices. A little later, a witness had reported that a wounded man lying on the road. The rescuers supplied the 43-Year-old on the spot, could not save his life. Whether the other three alleged perpetrators are still on the run, did not want to tell the police first.

please make sure you are dragged also: woman in Homburg forcibly in the car and kidnapped

The public Prosecutor’s office identified two bridges and the criminal police in Kaiserslautern. A special Commission was established to investigate the two incidents. In Landstuhl is the largest military hospital of the U.S. army outside the United States.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit New series of attacks on pack-vans in the Metropolitan area of Berlin flr/dpa


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