Between Christmas and new year’s eve draws to a close, the year to the end. While many Frankfurt slouch on the Couch, the leftovers of the Christmas feast plastering and Netflix look, this time of the year but also a time to Reflect. How was it 2018? Merkurist the year to reminisce. Sit back and go through the year and in the coming rows.

mayor-election: The Old one is also the New

2018 began with the election campaign for the mayor election. Peter Feldmann (SPD), showed more frequently than usual, his trademark Smile beaming, and had to contend against his comrades-in-arms. His victory was clear to many before the election, even if the rest of the candidates tried to draw with your issues and your personality, the attention. In addition to the preppy Bernadette Weyland (CDU) and the Green candidate Nagress Eskandari-Grünberg, who wanted to make a 365-Euro-Ticket for the public TRANSPORT accessible to everyone, the other candidate innovative momentum in the election campaign.

How about Nico Wehnemann, wanted to ensure that only Rich upper may ground dwell, and in the railway alcohol is sold. The party’s independent candidate Volker stone covered the right side of politics in the election campaign, wanted to make security a matter for the boss and made here and there discriminatory statements. But they all could not keep up with Feldmann. He received about 46 percent of the votes, and will remain so for the next five years in Frankfurt.

Sexual harassment is close to the Campus Westend

But the beginning of the year did not have to decide Frankfurter, whom you choose. Because two sexual Assaults near the Campus resulted in the Westend for malaise in the population. In three cases, a man had approached young women in street name and you then tried to drag in a Bush. He asked them to satisfy him sexually. However, the two students and the 37-Year-old escaped. The police went after the man. The 28-Year-old was arrested and later sentenced in August to two years and ten months in prison.

body in the Nidda Park and Young, of the Frankfurt 2018 taken in the Zoo drowned

the death of a 29-year-old woman and a little boy. The body of the woman was found at the beginning of may in the Nidda Park. The police believe that a 50-year-old restaurateur murdered you in stitches with multiple knives. Previously, the two should have a date in a fight. The man was arrested and is since then in custody.

About a month later, a two-year-old Boy in the camel basin of the Frankfurt zoo and drowned fell. The Frankfurt were in an uproar, discussed whether the Zoo to poor safety precautions, or the parents have breached their duty of supervision. The grief and the horror of it remain until today.


Between the murder and the time of the accident there was, however, an extremely gratifying event, the offset not only soccer Fans in euphoria. Eintracht made the seemingly impossible possible and won the Cup final. The whole city celebrated the victory of the football players and many a Fan after the game and a day later, a tear on the cheek, falling down. Up to 70,000 people gathered in front of the Romans to celebrate their heroes. It was sung, it was revealed laughed and Kevin Prince Boateng, as the victory came to be. Scorer Rebic said to him: “brother, kick the Ball long”. He did, and the decisive hit was made.


Crucial should be the new interlocking of the S-Bahn-tunnel for the punctuality of the trains. The S-Bahn was days-Tunnel in the Easter holidays, individual holidays and throughout the summer holidays. Thousands of Frankfurt had to take a different route to work and it took longer for the infrastructure. Contrary to the expectations of many, the Deutsche Bahn and the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) managed to get the new positioner in a timely manner and the smaller the modernization of signals, and technology. The punctuality of the Railways has changed, however, felt little. However, the improvement should be according to the person responsible only in a small range of Minutes.

Who is allowed to land on the green?

all The excitement took place in a very hot summer. Temperatures up to 37 degrees, not only the Frankfurt sweated neatly and with a slow-functioning brain will run through the city. They have transformed the green space in the barren, brown Spots. The consequence was a prohibition on a BBQ, and no fireworks at the main. The sport classes took place still more on the green areas. Until someone recalled the green area of procedure. It was clear that Commercial and large-scale sports events may not be offered to the green areas and carried out.

New town

Of September brought not only cooler temperatures, but also the opening of the old town. Although the reconstructed Block was already since may accessible to visitors, but the drone show on the lashes of the managers, then until the last weekend in September. After life moved to the new town. A branch of a stuffed animal labels, a pharmacy, a cafe, a jeweler, and a “wine shop” are already opened. A Restaurant and a butcher shop.

petitions, petitions, petitions

this year, the Frankfurt campaigners have discovered more than usual petitions. In particular, the Radentscheid and the rent decision of importance. Both petitions to address two of the main topics of the town: the forces between wheel and car drivers, and the tight housing market. Both petitions have reached your intermediate destination, and enough signatures collected to put the proposal emphatically the case with the Roman politicians. The supporters of the Mietentscheids require that the municipal housing company ABG Frankfurt Holding builds in the future, only social housing; proponents of the Radentscheids want to improve the Situation for cyclists in Frankfurt and the Expansion of a Cycling network. A successful Petition will have completed by the opponents of the new part of the city. You want to get the fresh air path and the Green in the city.

Hero dies to S-Bahn-Station Ostendstraße

another Petition had to be affixed to the target in the S-Bahn-Station “Ostendstraße” is a monument. Earlier, the 17-year-old Mustafa S. had died there, as he tried to help a homeless guy out of the track bed. He was able to save the homeless, but not of the run-in ends of the runway to escape. Politicians and Frankfurter praised the hero for his moral courage, to put candles or thanked him with loving words.

diesel driving ban: it Comes now, or not?

finally, discussed the prohibition of Frankfurt, together with the Rest of the Federal Republic of Germany, the diesel driving. The Wiesbaden administrative court ruled in September that, as from 2019, a driving ban for diesel vehicles with the EURO 4 exhaust emission standard and diesel emission class 1 and 2 shall apply. EURO 5 vehicles to the new legal regulation as of 1. September, 2019. But the government appealed. Until a new court date diesel-powered vehicles are also allowed in 2019, still on Frankfurt’s roads.

What events have you in 2018? We welcome your comments!


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