In Frankfurt die in the pubs. Whether in the centre or far out in Lingen are drinking: not a cosy stop-more to the Pint, and on-the-Go-Rigid, not smoky and dimly lit Bar areas behind the bulls ‘ – eye panes. That is a good thing. For too long the pubs have been a place of refuge from ourselves. It takes the courage to let go of this idealized past.

pub die as a loss of culture?

It has beaten high waves, as in the middle of this year, with the term the Hermitage, one of the most popular pubs in the station area had to close. Of an “Institution” was the speech of a “cult pub”. By the end of 2017, the beer pretzel was closed a few days ago, then the pub whistle. But not only in the station district, pubs in the modernization fall victim to. Also, in districts such as Lingen are running rampant this disease, which seems to be pubs, then destroy. In November, the main desire known castle there – commonly referred to as “the hole”. But the Trend shows nationwide. This is demonstrated by Figures provided by the German Hotel and restaurant Association (DEHOGA). From 35.638 in 2010 to 30.725 in the year 2016, the number of “taverns declined”.

Some worry about the district culture, as mayor Oliver Strank (SPD) in the railway station district, are other social hangouts such as Albrecht Fribolin from the CDU district Association in Lingen. But pubs are really that value, as some seem to believe? No.

converts The world around us, because it brings nothing to his beer glass. And yet there are many who do. Why is a place the forearms on the counter in a puddle of Beer to an Ideal? What is so beautiful about it, in a Smoking pub within a few more hours for the fine dust to breathe in, as on the Hanauer Landstrasse in an entire year through the air swirls? There are two answers. One has to do with the past and the Familiar, and the other with the escape from ourselves.

Idealized past and escape from the World

the past and the Familiar, because we live in a globalized and alienated world, we in the bar can escape. This is necessary, if people believe to find the Ideal in the future, but in the past. The Exaggeration with which many respond to the pubs goes far beyond a little escapism, a little escape from everyday life. The future promises nothing Good, that’s why you rather be in the pub. It is so convenient to indulge in beer bliss, to sink into the blue haze, to drive the lung and liver to your limit and to explain the then “culture”. Because culture, this has always been something Good.

the pub will satisfy the desire for the Morbid. Useful for those who need to come to pubs as a low-threshold offer to Together. You are symbolic for everything we don’t want to be. The comforting shiver that crawls us on the back when we see the often sad Shape at the counter, probably knows every. But: as bad as “the” it will make us even never, so the hope. This contrast helps us to find our own shortcomings as less bad. However, to a statement about the people we think, judge, and, of course, not meet.

Therefore, should submit to no-one economies hypocritical in front of the “old bar”, when in reality they are the own interests. If the world converts, then it does not help, the Ancient. Then it only helps to think of something New. For and with those who are today still hidden behind yellowed lace curtains. This corner pubs will not help. You are an anchor that holds us in a transfigured past. Your time is over, let it die in peace.


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