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Schwälbchen-in-chief: Dairy is Schwälbchen profiteer of the century summer

04.55 am: of The Hessian dairy group has benefited in its anniversary year of the months-long heat-period. “We are clearly a profiteer of the century summer 2018,” said CEO Günter Berz-List. The economic development of the past few months, with record figures in the dairy business, despite a weak start to the year very well.

80. Anniversary of Hesse’s largest dairy will be reached in the group according to preliminary Figures, a profit after tax of more than three million euros. This corresponds to an increase of approximately 20 percent compared to the previous year, declared by the Board of Directors of the publicly-listed medium-sized company. The turnover of the group increased by 4.5 percent to around 188 million euros. In the case of milk processing, there was also an increase of 4.5 per cent to approximately 137 million pounds. The shareholders Berz-List was a “special dividend” of 80 cents, to 60 cents in the previous year.

especially for the huge demand in the heat months, according to fresh products such as yogurt, Ayran and cold coffee drinks have led to good business, said the Manager, who has 20 years of experience in Schwälbchen. “In the capacity that we encountered, therefore, but over a few weeks at our borders.” Bottling and production are not in demand in phases afterwards. “We were able to partially deliver the quantities asked for by the trade.”

With the record investments in the amount of 4.5 million Euro alone for the new warehouse for packaging and finished products, however, were already set the course for the next few years, said Berz-List, and described the step as a “milestone” for the development of the company and the location of Bad Schwalbach in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis. A modernization of the bottling plants is planned for the future as a further step for the development of the dairy with about 400 employees in the group.

the Outlook for the year 2019 of the company’s chief Executive took a cautious approach. Although it was planned, the distribution of the supra-regional to expand, and to place the range stronger also in the food trade in the South and southwest of Germany. Specific sales and profit targets for the year 2019 Berz-List is not called.

Bauer, the Association’s President Karsten Narrow, the sector is in the state of Hesse, meanwhile, is well-positioned. It’ll give the large companies in the country. The largest quantity of milk in the state of Hesse will be delivered by the Deutsche Milchkontor and the higher-forest group. But with organic products-specialized hotel upländer farmer dairy from Willingen to the private dairy Hüttenthal from Mossautal in the Odenwald specialised companies as well as Schwälbchen regional as well as with your products.

Generally attributed to Narrow, is also Vice-President of the German farmers Association, and with his family in Waldeck-Sachsenhausen has a farm, with the focus on dairy farming, with an increasing structural change in the industry. The more important it is for the dairies that you have a unique feature, stressed in Hesse, Bauer, boss.

firefighter rescues hundreds of animals from dying of Thirst

04.37 PM: , After a burst pipe has saved the fire Department, using a kilometer-long stretch of water hundreds of animals hose in Baden-Württemberg from dying of Thirst. Especially the many cows in the big farms at the Roman Steiner Hamlet of thatched hamlet had said because of the broken pipe on the Dry sat as the head of the German press Agency. The forces pumped in the night to Thursday on a stretch of three kilometers of water through the hose.

The leak in the water pipe could be found. It was difficult to work through sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice on the road.

The water supply in thatched hamlet, where, according to the fire information of about 120 people live, had been since the night on Wednesday disrupted.

Online directory to expectant. mothers with midwives-search help

00.25 PM: Expectant mothers should be facilitated to a media report, according to the search for a midwife in the vicinity of your place of residence As the “Münchner Merkur” reported, citing a draft paper by the Federal Ministry of health to build the health insurance funds on the Basis of your contract partner’s list, an Online directory of midwives. In order to make the profession more attractive, wants to make it easier for the Ministry, therefore, also midwives and maternity nurses to hospitals, to bring work and family under a hat. To do this, they wanted to support the clinics, midwives, a child-care that goes beyond the ordinary day-care centre opening Hours. Both measures are to be enabled according to the report, through Amendments to the appointment service and supply act (TSVG).

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex researchers create the first artificial “Gold” ak/dpa


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