the members of The “world forum for harmonisation of vehicle technical regulations” have agreed on an appropriate rule, informed the UN economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), in which the Forum is located in Geneva on Tuesday.

the legislation had to be voted on in June, but the EU and Japan have says the implementation. Therefore, the adoption of a pure form of matter, said UNECE spokesman Jean-Isaias Rodriguez.

New rule applies to new cars from the year 2020

The regulation will occur at the beginning of the year 2020. It applies to series that are approved by 2020. In the EU, 15 million new cars per year with Emergency brake assist are likely to come on the market. Old cars would not have to be retrofitted. Many car manufacturers have such systems already in use, especially in luxury, said a UNECE expert.

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The legislation provides for emergency braking assistant, which engage at speeds below 60 kilometers per hour. Sensors monitor the distance to other cars and pedestrians and warn the driver when a collision is imminent. If the driver does not intervene, you must brake the vehicle automatically.

In 2016, had come in the EU, more than 9500 people in the town, the traffic died, the UNECE. The were 38 percent of all deaths in road traffic. According to estimates by the EU Commission emergency braking assistant for low speeds could be saved each year 1000 people live in the EU. For Trucks, there are already provisions for emergency braking assistant.

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