Yes, they are the Bogeymen of the year, but to me a football player gave the most beautiful sports moment 2018.

It was a warm June evening in Westfalen, I’m at a, birthday celebration on a farm. Thirty people-like space, where on a screen the world Cup game Germany against Sweden stand together in a barn. On both cheeks and Germany have been painted before-and-flags. But the evening turns out differently than hoped.

It is only 1:1. After the defeat in the opening match against Mexico is far too little. And now: It is the 92 runs. Minute – at least on our screen in the barn. Reuters Toni Kroos (l.) celebrates his winning goal against Sweden with Marco Reus

What you don’t know: In Russia the game is actually three minutes and Toni Kroos puts the Ball for the free-kick.

While we see the yellow and blue of Sweden to control the Ball and the Germans are running out of time. my phone suddenly exploded with the news: “TONI KROOS FOOTBALL-GOD” in a text message.

I’m confused, irritated about such a judgment after such a weak game. But then the Push-message to the mobile phone of my colleague from the editors: Germany has really made the 2:1!

cries – and indeed, Two minutes later, the Ball hisses even on our screen at the top right and into the Swedish net. On this summer evening, we were all somehow part of the German team – that’s why Kroos‘ magic a free-kick remains to me as the sports moment of the year.


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