the CSU wants to tighten asylum policy: “From the prison gate to the departure gate”

Tuesday, 02. January, at 00:49: The CSU is required to tighten up the handling of offenders refugees considerably. Offenders should consistently be taken into custody if they were sentenced in other EU countries and to suspended sentences. “We want to end the imposition of Chain, metal bars”, in the draft paper of the CSU land group, the Münchner Merkur and that is to be decided at the meeting in Seeon.

The CSU is pushing for a Europe-wide Central registry on the model of the Federal Central register. Specifically, the group refers to the recent terrorist attack in France. “It can’t be that in the case of repeat offenders a suspended sentence after the other. This is also true in Europe. The perpetrators of Strasbourg had already been 27 Times due to acts of violence, burglary and theft to fines and imprisonment in France, Germany and Switzerland condemned.”

in Addition, the state criminal offender should be deported “during, and at the latest immediately after their detention time consistently, according to the clear principle: From the prison gate to the departure gate” Where this is not possible, would have to residence and reporting requirements access and electronic tagging will be used.

For the dispute in the Grand coalition should also ensure the requirements of the CSU to a more restrictive skilled-immigration. The country group Alexander Dobrindt wants to restrict “the migration of persons under the age of 45, have a realistic Chance to earn a pension above the level of the basic backup”. The need to ensure “that we can get a immigration in the labour market and not on the velvet”. Anyone who immigrates as a professional, should never, ever get an asylum status granted. “The mixing of the acquisition of migration and asylum, we reject” in the paper. “We get the ones we need – and we have the from that our guest are in need of legal failure.”

Dual nationals who have fought for terrorist militias, wants to withdraw from the CSU to the German passport. By law, the time limit is to be doubled to ten years, within the obtained by fraud in acquisition of citizenship can be undone. “We don’t want a German passport for fraudsters and Criminals.” Who is the Much-discussed marriages, may not receive a German passport. You should write “clearly, that Much – and plural marriages are with a German citizenship is incompatible”. The three-page paper is entitled “state strength”. Dobrindt told the newspaper: “We stand for a strong state. We want to give the security agencies the right tools to Hand, so that you can get our country under varying conditions of our citizens a safe, peaceful and free.”

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