There were several requests from German cities. A decision had not been made by the executors of the works, but still, – said the head of the Fulda children’s Academy, Yvonne, Petrina, on Tuesday. “The Show is well received. We have received a lot of positive feedback,“ she said. According to the guestbook visitors from Hamburg, Berlin and Switzerland, had come. From the 26. October to 10. February had more than 3700 visitors counted. After a weak beginning of the interest in the second half have increased significantly. The focus of the nationwide unique exhibition for the series “The three ???” beautiful illustrations of the artist Aiga was on the scary-Fast. The native of Stuttgart (1941-2009) designed the striking and distinctive Layout. You designed from 1970 to 1999, a total of 89 book jackets (Covers) for the three ???-Book series of the Kosmos publishing house. The illustrations on a black background were the hallmark of recognition.

The books and radio plays of the three detectives for generations popular. In 2018, the young investigators celebrated their 50th anniversary in Germany. The children’s Academy was, according to its own information, it is the only Museum in the anniversary year of “The three ???”-The exhibition showed, and a permission from the rights owner, the Kosmos publishing house, received.

dpa the administrator of the estate Petrina Aiga Rapid guestbook Illustration book series cosmos, Hamburg Layout of Switzerland in this anniversary year, the right-holder’s trademark Cover Detective approval Germany


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