The Online attack on politicians and celebrities, the mass-sensitive data have been published in the network, according to the Chaos Computer club (CCC), a Wake-up call for every single computer user. In the case of the cyber attack prior to Christmas, large quantities have been released of personal data and documents from politicians, artists and journalists on Twitter.

“The attack shows what can happen when someone is stuck behind it, and is trying to systematically uncertainty and sloppiness to take advantage of that we all operate in everyday life with our devices and information,” says CCC spokesman Frank Rieger.

“The gateway number one in the attachments in E-Mails,” says the Karlsruhe IT security expert Christoph Fischer to FOCUS Online, for more than 30 years as a cyber specialist. Nothing is more dangerous than attachments, with which Criminals could be sensitive data.

often a password for many services

For hackers, according to Fischer, a Light, gradients of data such as Facebook photos and private Chat, if this had only cracked once an E-Mail mailbox. Because often users would use several different services with the same password. Hackers have to get then once the E-Mail address in your fingers, the ID on other sites is often used as a sign-in, it’s game, according to Fischer, the children, to get these information, but also access to services such as Facebook or Twitter.

According to an IT expert fishermen, there are Mail programs like Outlook, in General, three possible weak: Malware in any E-Mail program can occur, a conceptual error and a programming error in the Software.

you should note, to> to safe from hackers.

Fischer recommends to change passwords on a regular basis, in order to protect themselves to some extent. “This is a brain teaser, but still,” says the IT security expert. A hundred percent protection it will give but never.

On the Smartphone, users should according to Fischer, a password Safe to use. In any case, it is advisable to separate passwords physically and not in the Browser store.

If you must send even sensitive data such as passport copies or Bank details via E-Mail, recommends the fishermen to do this is not necessarily encrypted, such as PGP encryption. So only the recipient can read the message.

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