The walk to the loving couples in the art such as the Foundation invites friedenstein Gotha castle, at 18.00 in the Ducal Museum. Among other things, the history of the British Royal family Victoria and Albert can be there to discover. A narrative artist tells in the library at the Cathedral square in Erfurt, Germany at 19.30 “Of Erhörtem and Untold: stories and fairy tales for Valentine’s day”. In the Church of post pairs to the protection of God, can ask or exchange your vows at a Valentine sand eight renew (18.00). Also in the parish house of St. Peter’s in Mühlhausen, the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM) is dedicated to the Lovers”, betrothed and Married” an evening (19.30). Ecumenical worship services in the Church of St. Lorenz in Erfurt (20.00) and in the St. Elisabeth-Church in Gera – under the Motto “The glow of love is fiery and deliciously” (18: 00).

dpa custom Valentine’s day Thuringia Schloss Friedenstein Gotha post stone king Cathedral square Engagement St. Peter’s parish house, Evangelical Lutheran Church ST


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