Why the earth had opened a week ago in the Gerbstedter District, is still a mystery. The fact is that A few days before the incident, it should have only been five meters further on, a pipe burst in the street, confirmed Midewa-branch Manager Heiko Rach. The damage was repaired the next day. As a result, below the hut, the mountain land was flooded in the schlenz fundamental street of a mud-avalanche from clay, confirmed to Rach, as well as mayor Detlef Matthews.

Whether the rupture of the pipe and the hole in the road in connection, in addition to the Midewa-branch Manager can speculate but only. Under the part of the road that is now broke, according to Rach, no drinking water line of Midewa, but a rainwater channel. The Gas-Laden Truck was also too heavy for the road, Rach.

this is not the first incident of this kind in friedeburg hut. In the past, holes have opened up. In October 2011, the car of a MZ-delivery employee broke into an approximately seven-metre-deep hole with a diameter of two meters on the mountain hut. According to the Midewa was broken on the site of a water main. Soil investigations on the hut, the mountain showed that there is still more unstable. The area is locked since then. In 2013 there will be again sunk in the earth.

mayor Matthews is pissed. “It’s come more often to such accidents in the place. The measure is full, and it must now be taken to the Midewa in the duty.“ He demands that the drinking water pipeline will be rehabilitated to the Midewa reason. It could also be that the place can be used since the Space only of a narrow street. “The other access is blocked since the pipe rupture.”

The Midewa has to be backed up after the accident in 2011 of the old one and a new one laid, Heiko Rach. “We will check now but in our investment plan for next year, whether even now in the affected area, a new drinking water pipeline can be laid.” (mz)

This article was written by Tina Black

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