“It looks as if comprised of 2019, a kick-off year for Car subscriptions, so the entire car with the monthly rate, the out-of-tank cost of everything,” said Dudenhöffer, compared to FOCUS Online. “Car subscriptions from the customers, many individual steps, including the risk of the used car sale.”

The pioneer of Volvo would complete wanted are available equipped new cars at comparatively high Rates, especially for people attractive that very new vehicles with Top equipment to. Subscription offers from service providers such as like2drive or Cluno, however, are also for other customer groups is interesting.

Lidl-Leasing for customers is very advantageous

The Cluno-combination of Leasing, maintenance and insurance contract case, for example, in the case of a Opel Corsa for a novice cheaper than the cash Purchase, says Dudenhöffer, head of the CAR Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen. A 50-year-old driver with a high no-claims bonus, drive with the same model, however, with the purchase cheaper.

Dudenhöffer Monthly cost for a Opel Corsa Edition 1.4 (90 HP) with 6 years of holding period

In the case of the Lidl offer, especially the monthly lease rate of 89 euros for a Fiat 500 for the customer to be very advantageous and price-corresponds to a else on the market, not the usual discount of 35 percent on the list, according to the study. The optional insurance and maintenance contracts for 68 euros per month, would correspond more to the market standard.

“a Trojan horse for the classic car trade”

For the dealer, however, are not good news. “Car subscriptions could prove to be a Trojan horse for the classic car trade, because I need significantly less sales force and so less margin,” says dudenhöffer. “The car sales on new legs.”

Nearly 10 percent of the price of new Cars fell on average at the dealership. “With Car-subscriptions may arise as a reversal of the trend,” says Dudenhöffer. So far, the Car had been subscriptions is more of a niche. The analysis will show, however, that subscriptions would be due to very attractive terms for the average motorist is interesting.

discounts of about 30 percent

General it looks in the current year continue to be strong discounts for the customers, says Dudenhöffer. So it had been in January, significantly more openly advertised special promotions of the manufacturers and dealers than in December as in January 2018. The average price advantage to be located at 15.8 percent. Especially with the exchange premiums for old Diesel discounts of over 30 percent for some models.

Dudenhöffer calls for higher Parking fees for wide cars (Video)

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