For the duel with Japan’s high-Flyer Ryoyu Kobayashi fueled Markus eisenbichler will force the Asians. Together with the team-mates he went to eat at the only rest day of the four-hills-tournament and cozy.

Otherwise, the 27-Year-old Regeneration in the foreground: put legs, take a deep breath, “a little distance from all the hustle and bustle of” win.

Finally, he has after the two second places in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen for a Chance to win the first German in 17 years, tour.

The evening paper presents the German hope, whose career is a roller coaster ride is like…

The beginnings of

iron Bichler grew up in Siegsdorf im Chiemgau, at the age of seven he made in the children’s training at TSV Siegsdorf his first jumps. “At the time, the coaches, various winter sport introduced species, also Nordic combined. My friends and I wanted to try this, because we wanted to do something more Extreme,” he recalled in “”.

“We went before that always likes to Ski, have always tried to jump far when there was a small mountain.” In 2007, he moved to the Christophorus school in Berchtesgaden, where he was trained to be an athlete and he graduated Middle school.

The sloppy Talent

iron Bichler regarded as a great Talent, but the bite was missing him. “I used to be often sloppy, didn’t give the workout 100 percent,” he says. The breakthrough in the world top remained to him in the first place, even if he on 30. December 2011 in Oberstdorf in the world Cup debut, and the same Ex-world champion Martin Schmitt from the competition threw.

The Horror-the fall

It was in September 2012, as Eisenbichler lost in a training trial in Oberstdorf, after the Bounce the control and upside down on the slope hit the floor. The result of the Horror fall of The third thoracic vertebra was broken, four more arrived. “When I was down there and nothing more I felt, I thought that it was the now, with the ski jumping,” he recalls.

The turning point

But the bad camber induced iron Bichler to reconsider. “When I was in the hospital, I had a lot of time to Think,” he says. “I said to myself: If I will be fit again, then I’ll try it again. Then, 80 per cent. But under the Motto of ‘Everything or Nothing’.”

The breakthrough

The rise in the world’s top managed Eisenbichler in the 2016/17 season, as he is in the world Championships in Lahti Bronze on the normal hill won and in the Mixed-team competition together with Carina Vogt, Svenja Würth and Andreas Wellinger became the world champion. 25. March 2017, he set a flight on 248,0 meters on the ski flying hill, Planica is a German-wide record.

team player

The Olympic games of 2018 in Pyeongchang for iron Bichler a bitter experience. Because he jump a team of internal Excretion against Stephan Leyhe lost, he had to watch as his colleagues in the team competition, silver brought. But Eisenbichler showed himself as a fair team player: the medals of the Party, he brought the German house with a Schuhplattl-contribution to the Hoot. “The Non-nomination at the Olympics it was of course hard, but for me, it was immediately clear that I want to support the Team,” he said.

The down-to-earth

iron Bichler is very attached to his hometown, lives and loves Bavarian traditions. “To me, the Bavarian culture is important. Lederhosen, dancers, I like that,” he says. In the summer he likes to be in the mountains of his homeland for Hiking or Climbing.

The Ritual

to set the mood For the jumps makes Eisenbichler the monkey, he knocks with his right fist on the left chest and the left fist to the right breast. “It loosens you up and makes you take a deep breath,” he said of the “image”.

The appeal of ski jumping

The special feature of the ski jumping for him, says Eisenbichler, “to have the feeling that I can forget for a certain amount of time everything. That I can escape from all the Stress that one has in life, a little bit. I try, as often as possible to get in the air the feeling of freedom and weightlessness.”

The plans after the career

Eisenbichler completed in the summer of his training as a Police Sergeant in the Federal police. “Now I’m much calmer and more relaxed. Eventually, the ski jumping is over, but now I know that I have a job that makes me extremely a lot of fun,” he said of the “Traunsteiner Tagblatt”.

dream job

ski jumping trainer at the Federal police. In addition, he wanted to start a family and build a house. Until then, he wants to realize his dream of a tour win.

This article was written by Simon Stuhlfelner

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