Because of the conditions for Granting the fifth generation mobile technology 5G, Deutsche Telekom has filed a lawsuit against the Federal network Agency. The “world reports”.

fear of high-pads

“We have said from the beginning that the auction conditions provided for, in our view, are unrealistic and create legal uncertainty,” the newspaper quoted a company spokesman. Previously, the other two network operators in Germany had lodged with Vodafone and Télefonica action.

The frequencies for mobile communications standard, 5G will be auctioned in the spring. 5G stands for fifth generation mobile technology. The network will bring much faster mobile Internet. This is especially important for the industry, for example in Autonomous Driving. The transfer rate is about 100 Times as high as in the case of 4G (LTE). The network operator must take for the frequencies a lot of money in the Hand. Your fear: too high requirements, you will earn too little of it.

restrictions were tightened again

The Federal network Agency had tightened after a first draft of the procurement conditions for the 5G frequencies. Particularly controversial is the conditions under which the operators of the radio networks autonomously develop, to ensure a gap-free network coverage.

The stricter requirements went “significantly beyond what has been described, the Federal network Agency before itself as reasonable and proportionate,” said Telecom spokesman for the “world”. The implementation of the requirements is unrealistic.

The Federal network Agency regulates the competition in the so-called “network markets”, such as a mobile radio, power supply or postal delivery. It is under the Ministry of economy. Deutsche Telekom itself belongs to about a third of the German state.

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