at about 00:40 a.m. a resident of the Heinrich-Heine-Platz alerted the police that it would be on the Playground behind the Weber Church to a loud confrontation. Almost at the same time, residents of the Inner Oybiner Straße informed that several young people were running shouting through the streets. All of the available strip of the local station rushed to the Zittau downtown. You were on the Inside of Weber road, eight young people. Seven of them were young Germans, who were partly under the influence of alcohol and in the previously affected Libyans. In a first survey of the 17-Year-old, that it would in the case of the persons present to the same act, which it had addressed a few hours earlier in front of the shopping market at the Christian-Keimann-street. The patrol officers collected the identity of all those present. Two 16-and 17-year-old young people, in their clothing, the officers found during a search as a flashlight disguised and in Germany, a prohibited stun gun, as well as another 16-Year-old was in possession of a forbidden one-hand knife, took the officers to prevent further clashes in the course of the night in custody. All three were clearly under the influence of alcohol, breath tests gave them values between the equivalent of 0.8 and 1.5 per Mille. You are near Zittau are from the border city as well as towns in the surrounding area. The in Germany forbidden weapons were the police officers safe. All other persons granted a dismissal, and threatened further steps, should not be complied with the instruction.

This post is provided by: the police of Saxony. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

police Saxony


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