1. January have taken over the Görlitzer Verkehrsbetriebe (GVB) as a municipal company responsible for the Görlitzer public TRANSPORT and were right at the beginning of the task, to organize a smooth change of timetable. On 6. January joined large-scale Changes in the line network of the görlitz public TRANSPORT.

The ongoing construction work on the postal square of the result in the new roadmap came with restrictions in force. “Unfortunately, the bus B can’t start continue to the Central bus stop Demianiplatz” says Andreas Trillmich, managing Director of the GVB. “However, could be shared with the road traffic authority and the city planning Department is reached, the Bismarck road must be traveled by the bus line B in both directions.” Thus, 6 can. January the hold-Emmerich road, and Mühlweg as well as the as a replacement for the Demianiplatz furnished stop Bismarck road, Struve road and be served in both directions. The current Replacement to the Dr. Kahlbaum-Allee and Elizabeth street. During the redirection of the B-bus are, in addition, the hold-upper market, and Jaeger Kaserne (city and town).

  • All the information about the new timetable can be found under www.goerlitztakt.de or on the new GVB Facebook page.
  • The new timetable booklets can be since mid-December, against a nominal fee of 0.50 Euro in the customer center in the theater passage purchased.

*The contribution of the “roadmap for change in the görlitz public TRANSPORT” comes from the weekly courier. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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