Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have been placed back on Wednesday at Silverstone (on a nearly three-kilometre shorter route variant) your first kilometres with the new Mercedes F1 W10 EQ Power+. The two completed the round of 16 and even if the findings after such a Shakedown with a little bit of representative Demo-Pirelli tires manageable, the first impression is a positive one.

Already on his first lap Hamilton could not hide his euphoria on the pit radio: “Feels great,” he says on the boxes radio, recorded in a Social-Media Video, published by his Team on Wednesday evening.

The world champion had taken the W10 of Bottas and moved an interesting comparison: “It is as if you are meeting someone for the first Time and try to find him as quickly as possible. It was a great first Date! Perhaps one of the best we had in all the years.”

When you consider that Hamilton in his Mercedes time was four times world champion and twice not, is the Statement that it was one of the better first days in a new car have been a Declaration of war. At the end of the sixth title? “I hope so! We are working towards, at least,” he says.

It had certainly been a “good” first Date: “We had no problems. Of course, we hope that we will encounter any problems in Testing than in the races. In this respect, I hope that we will have the Test next week problems. But hopefully not serious.”

this is An impression that Bottas (also round of 16) highlights: “It’s just a Shakedown is clearly, not a real Test. Everything worked well and we have already found a few things we can improve. The engineers are happy, because no problems have occurred. It was nice to get a first feel for the car.”

The great art will be from Mercedes point of view, the Motivation to five double world titles to maintain another year. Hamilton seemed to be the end of 2018, when he actually had because of winning the world Cup-duel every reason to rejoice, at times lethargic. That was on Wednesday during the Shakedown is completely different.

“It’s my seventh year in this Team. But this Morning, I was as excited as before my first day in a formula 1 car,” beams the 34-Year-old. “What is really strange. I would not expect to feel that way. But I am very glad that it is so!”

as a five-time world champion is absolutely necessary, not on old laurels, Hamilton deliberately, “I have been fighting this year to the world Cup, not the title defense. This is the setting that I get every year,” he says.

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