It had started out harmless. Against 23.25 o’clock the forces were alerted on Friday evening to a room fire. But the place quickly became clear: This is bigger than I thought. “We found a barn, where a strong development of Smoke in the roof area was observed,” explains head of operations and community defense leader Björn Sachau.

Immediately the head was the alert level increase, and ordered all the fires of the municipality Grömitz fight back to the barn. Also, a second rotary head and respiratory protection equipment from Neustadt in Holstein had been alerted. “An interior attack was no longer possible, we try to keep the fire out with water from the outside in chess,” says Björn Sachau.

the Entire roof was in the fully brand

However, the approximately 130 forces could not prevent the entire roof after a short time in the full fire. There are parts of the barn, even fell to the ground, the forces had to withdraw temporarily. The gable front collapsed suddenly. With effort he finally managed to get the fire under control.

residents slightly injured, cars

damaged By the strong development of Smoke, some residents complained of shortness of breath. They were supplied by the ambulance service. Some of the nearby parked cars, which are part of a holiday residential complex, were partially damaged.

until Saturday morning, the fire took work. The barn has suffered a total loss. The cause of the fire and amount of damage the police could do.

*The contribution of “fire-Inferno: major fire puts historic barn in rubble and ashes” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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