It could be one of the largest cyber attacks in the German story: hackers have published a mass of confidential data of hundreds of politicians and Celebrities freely accessible on the Internet. The extent to which the data are all authentic, remained unclear. But now that the scale is enormous. FOCUS Online answers the most important questions to the cyber attack.

Who is affected?

Many politicians, artists and journalists . Apart from the AfD, all the Bundestag parties and politicians seem to be from the Hacker attack affected. The net mass of data and documents from politicians of the CDU, CSU, SPD, Greens, Left and FDP. From German Chancellor Angela Merkel multiple E-Mail addresses, a Fax number, as well as letters were published at the and of the Chancellor, as the Leaks show, the FOCUS Online is available. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is also affected.

the personal data of other leading politicians such as Federal Minister of Economics, Peter Altmaier (CDU), the Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz , SPD Chairman Andrea Nahles , Ralf Stegner and Green in-chief of Robert Habeck were leaked. In addition to mobile and fixed network numbers, the data from family members, such as Nahles’ ex-husband Marcus Frings have been published. In addition, private Chat histories on Twitter between Green politicians, Konstantin von Notz and Minister Altmaier have been published. 13 SPD Bundestag members private chat published messages, such as the “HuffPost” reports. dpa/Kay Nietfeld, Andrea Nahles, is also affected by the Leak.

Except it had the Criminal also many celebrities . So sets are in the data of personal information such as telephone numbers and residential addresses of Entertainer Jan böhmermann , K. I. Z. and Rapper Casper, Sido and find Marteria . Of Czech man apparently were published also whose credit card data. Also Youtubers such as “LeFloid” are affected. From actor Til Schweiger the private addresses in Hamburg and Berlin, and his E-Mail address. Hard as it has hit the ZDF-Moderator Oliver Welke . Of Wilting, the personal data of all of the family were leaked, members and the information of his Manager.

dpa/Henning Kaiser, Oliver Welke, were also leaked private data of his wife and children.

Christian Ehring , host of the satire show “extra 3”, has also been hit particularly hard by the attack, as the “Rheinische Post” writes: About three gigabytes of data had been stolen, including photos from the holiday. To 33 journalists be affected by the attack – especially the employees of ARD and ZDF. By ARD journalists vaccination certificates, passports and driver’s are to see notes.

How did the Hacker attack to light?

so Far, it is unclear why the massive hacker attack came so late into light. Accordingly, the confidential data had been published already before Christmas in December. The Twitter Account with Links to Download the data had been freely accessible.

How and where the data were published?

or, the Hacker put information, which include phone numbers, residential and e – Mail addresses, and Bank details and private Chat history, in a number of Ways to the Internet. Have been widely used, the Links to the Leaks first, via a Twitter Account.

the Links have been tweeted in the Form of an advent calendar. The private and confidential data have been uploaded as text files, but also as Videos on the platform DTube.

Who is behind the attack?

what is striking is that the politicians of the right-wing populist AfD are not affected as only one of the hacker’s attack. On all the other parties in the Bundestag had it apart, the attackers apparently. In addition, the Bohemian man and the journalist, Rayk, have been attacked with a Jan Different people, who are always in the crosshairs of the radical Right. Bohemian man, for example, had moved with the action of the “reconquista the internet,” counter-right hatred, hostility from the Right. In addition, the now-locked Twitter Account of the Hacker was apparently from the fact that many Followers were assigned to the right-wing populist Milieu. So far, nothing is a political Background but is known.

How could the attacker of the information?

This is still unclear. Perhaps the hackers got an E-Mail program to access the sensitive data. First investigations with the affected parties had revealed that the hackers gained may access through the E-Mail program Outlook, wrote about the “image”-newspaper. The BSI announced on Twitter, the government network will not be affected, according to previous findings.

a spokesman for the Federal office for information security (BSI) and the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) said to the AFP news Agency on Friday, the authorities involved in the process.

A BSI spokesman said his office tested the process in cooperation with other Federal agencies “intense”. The BfV reviews currently published Material, as a spokeswoman told AFP. The National Cyber defence centre took over the speakers, according to the Central coordination of the case. More to the topic

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