Since its opening in 1989, before the turn, and more or less in the underground, the coffee is not more shed from the scene to imagine: Live concerts, cabaret, and the Irish Session belong here anyway – food and drink and changing art works on the walls.

a day in its long history, the Local had closed in the past – until a year ago, as his new operator was due to some minor structural changes to the year 2017/18 for a few days the operation to rest. Even then, Sascha Wise, had a new coffee shed host, with a nice Smoking room in the basement flirted. So simple the design of the window was not free space. So had to be taken care of, among others, for supply and return air, were the walls plastered and the electrics re-laid.

change in the coffee shed: Cozy room for smoky whisky round

Above all, the supply of fresh air was a Wise one. In the meantime, but that’s all history, and Clever concept worked. Today, the shed can host a cozy room in the good old style, in which, of course, the ladies are welcome to present a Chesterfield Sofa and Chippendale furniture, on the wall is a “Ölschinken” with gold frame and a boar’s head as a hunting trophy, an (electric) fireplace – what more do you need for a cosy Whisky round?

And that’s exactly the to give in the future more often – either as a Rum-tasting, which went a few days ago, together with the Gourmetage over the stage. “Also, Poetry Slam, readings, and art, I can imagine here,” says Wise. If you would like to throw into the Chippendale room a-view – from 22 o’clock the coffee is shed on new year’s eve for all open. However, the tickets for the Buffet are sold out since a long time. (mz)

This article was written by Katja Pausch

*The contribution of “Chippendale coffee dandruff: Why Halles cult pub is now a Salon in the basement” of the Central German newspaper. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

Central German newspaper


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