But the loud and colourful Start to the new year makes for heated discussions, especially because of the enormous burden of health-damaging particulate matter. Even bans for the Böllerei were last requested.

environment Secretary of state: “We encourage all cities, the Wyndham is to limit.”

Saxony-Anhalt’s environmental state Secretary Klaus Rehda says: “We encourage all cities, the Wyndham is also limiting. Every year we have a significant fine particulate pollution, which affects mainly elderly and sick people.“ Add to this noise, the unsettled animals, as well as the risk of injury. All are good reasons, the firecrackers limit.

“cities, such as Paris, show that you can also celebrate without private fireworks very beautiful”, says Rehda. And also some German municipalities have enacted a fireworks ban in inner cities, for example Hannover. How such bans are to be implemented, is questionable. The police Union is skeptical, because it was unclear how the necessary controls in terms of personnel done.

The measuring devices speak a clear language. According to the country, up to 1,000 micro gram, so a milligram to be Agency of the year, concentrations of respirable dust per cubic meter of air measured. For comparison: in traffic only 30 micro-grams are points a year on average often measured.

new year’s eve will be 5,000 tons of fine-dust-free

set The demand of the German environmental aid, to ban fireworks completely out of the inner cities, many of the but far. Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), however, rejects tougher rules and warns against paternalism. Also the German Association of cities was critical. Although firecrackers and rockets, the environment and health-loaded “to a certain extent,” said chief Executive Helmut Dedy. “As a result, to derive, to relocate to new year’s eve fireworks on the outskirts of the city, goes me too far.”

The environmental aid had substantiated its claim that new year’s eve would set 5,000 tons of fine-dust-free, which corresponds to 17 percent of the annually resulting from road transport amount.

no bans on new year’s eve but, in Saxony-Anhalt – however, not for reasons of environmental protection. In Quedlinburg (Harz), Stolberg (Mansfeld-Südharz) was banned the firecrackers almost completely – for the protection of the unique half-timbered houses in front of the fire. At the Bitterfeld arch must first be popped. A year ago, a point arrived at the lookout to harm people.

impact on the business with firecrackers, Heulern, missiles, and fireworks-batteries are likely to have the prohibitions hardly of pyrotechnics Association expects a turnover of 137 million euros. (mz)

This article was written by Christian sheep-master

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