“A third of all children from families with addiction problems develop later on, even an Addiction, and another third grows up with mental disorders,” says Angelika Frenzel, who is in the joint for drug prevention is responsible.

If the parents are addiction are: Only an addiction counselor are there for the whole hall

For these children and young people there is little support and offers. But that should change with a week of action, which makes aware of the issue. The two prevention officers want to explore in a working group, which deals would have to be there, what subject would have to be people as a point of contact for these children.

But that would be only the second step: “We need more Bodies in the prevention,” says Claudia Hammer. Across the country all the eleven colleagues in this area, Claudia Hammer work for the entire hall circle, Angelika Frenzel for the whole hall.

Problem: children often invent excuses to pull back would be to come up with the children at all, as girls and boys from families of Addiction often back and invent excuses, such as when the alcoholic mother didn’t come to parents ‘ evening.

“Such children, then say that you forget the invitation to submit,” said Claudia Hammer. Not talking about the Problem, this is the Credo of these children. You take the blame. “We need to reach these children, because their emotional descent marks them for later life.”

No longer a taboo topic: Expert rounds in schools

in fact, the two are Experts in the schools in Halle and the saalkreis. Feasible to visit the secondary schools and high schools for the two-for-herself just yet, but elementary schools were time constraints, it is not in there. It is important, prevention to expand. “How to bring a taboo subject out in Public. It is important to talk about it,“ says Angelika Frenzel.

children from families with addiction problems is not a marginal issue. The question, Claudia Hammer, in school classes proves: “Who knows someone, you think that he drinks too much?” Two-thirds of the Finger, then go to the top. (mz)

This article was written by Silvia Zöller

*The post, “If parents are alcoholic: the situation for children in hall and hall, circuit is dramatic,” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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