On Wednesday evening, the electoral Committee of the Association had determined the final list of candidates. “It has entered into a variety of applications”, member of the management Board Jens Bach noise shortly before the one-year period via the club’s website announced. After MZ-information, there are now nine people who are applying to one of the places in the five-member Board.

HFC-role options: stadium announcer Markus Hein occurs at

In contrast to the previous elections, only three candidates for three seats began, the members this Time, so actually selection. So the same three candidates with strong so close to their fans stand for election.

the biggest Surprise was The candidacy of Steffen Kluge, former head of the Fanprojektes is certainly. In 2017, it’s mayor Bernd Wiegand had moved – despite the successful work – to the youth welfare office. A decision that brought the Fans at the barricades. “Wise” and “Wiegand out”banners were to be seen in the natural gas sports Park. The candidacy Smart holds for the tense relationship between the Fans and the head of the city, therefore new fuel.

as well as Markus Hein. The stadium speaker of the HFC, the main professional game consultant, is also surprisingly on the list of candidates. Before the home match against Karlsruhe in December, Hein had criticized the stadium microphone-Wiegand-sharp, because this had forced the resignation of HFC-President Michael Harmful. Its malicious files I had triggered the search for new candidates for the Board in the first place.

Andreas Wolf: “I see myself as the voice of the Fans”

About the candidacy of Andreas Wolf, Fan Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, had already been previously speculated. He confirmed the MZ on Thursday his application. “I see myself as the voice of the Fans,” said the Wolf. “In the past few years we have reached with the followers much. I want to make sure that this path will continue.“

it is Planned that a former HFC player moves the sporting expertise, because the Board of Directors. This Part could fill Oliver Kühr, Ex-player and start at the stadium Betriebs GmbH of the natural gas sports Park. He is the best choice.

as Lutz Preußler. The regional Manager of Tüv Nord is not only for many years a Sponsor, but was also a long time Deputy Chairman of the economic Advisory Board. “This has led me to turn myself in now to the election,” said Preußler on the Thursday of the MZ. “I am for many years, HFC-Fan and want to contribute my contacts and economic Expertise to the Board.”

New HFC-President: Wolf and Preußler waving from

With Jens Prinzing, a local entrepreneur, there is also a choice. He is the managing Director of the eponymous scaffolding company, the sponsors for many years, the HFC. Prinzing is already Chairman of the FSV hall and the football circle Association hall circle.

The previous members of the management Board Jens Rauschenbach and Jürgen Fox had already made their re-candidature in public. Compared to the MZ also Simone Heinemann-Meerz, President of the chamber of Physicians of Saxony-Anhalt, confirmed her application for the Board.

is Open, but still, who is to preside over the HFC in the future as President. Rauschenbach, Fox, and Heinemann-Meerz had already been rejected. According to the MZ information in the meantime, however, a candidate should have signaled his readiness. Who that is, remains open. Andreas Wolf and Lutz Preußler were compared with the MZ of the President. (mz)

This article was written by Fabian cub scout

*The contribution of “person alien with dynamite: Nine candidates – but who will be HFC-President?” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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