Among the guests were several groups in traditional costumes from mountain village, in addition, the two Hamburg original lemon Jette and the Hummel. The reception began with a concert of the police orchestra in front of the town hall portal. Then the mayor took a traditional first of all, the happiness of the President of the Hamburg Parliament, Carola Veit, in the tower room, contrary to the wishes of. Then, citizens and guests of the city, which were entered previously in the Phoenix hall in the guest lists followed. A citizen had brought a plate with doughnuts, a couple from the village of Niendorf is a glass of homemade jam. CDU parliamentary leader André Trepoll presented the mayor with two Bobby cars in the Form of racing cars for the Second mayor, Katharina Fegebank (Green), which was in the middle of November mother of twins.

The Tradition of the new year’s reception, to the first, only diplomats and selected people were allowed to participate, dates back to the 18th century. Century. Since 1926, the citizens of the city as well as guests from home and abroad will be invited to the town hall.



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