The members wanted clarity. Know how it could have come in the past few weeks in the home fields clinic of the hospital group Helios the incidents – after all, they made nationwide for eddy. Above all, the death of a pregnant woman during the birth, especially since that weekend in early February, temporarily, the delivery rooms because of shortage of staff were closed. Clinic’s chief darling, and health Senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD) described but to be credible that the woman had not died during the restricted times.

deputies ask questions about clinic conditions

“we don’t want to mix with each other”, – said Birgit Stöver (CDU). The members focused mainly on the framework conditions. Criticised by the acting chief doctor, Maike Manz in an internal letter, together with four of the top doctors the notice is filed and the clinic in order for the media to be effective in the pillory. “As a result, much uncertainty has arisen,” said the Senator. She stressed, however, that the medical care provided in the clinic. The Doctors that have cancelled, until the summer.

The clinic’s chief says the allegations

but That doesn’t change the accusations? “For me personally, the overall situation was a little surprising,” said darling. He praised the medical management of obstetrics on several occasions, could not explain the of criticism but. So it was with Manz’ at the start of 2017, various – of your desired changes. The departments of birth were separated and gynaecology, a permanent top doctor service will be introduced. “We had to occupy the personnel first. This is not from today to Tomorrow,“ said darling.


The medical staff had been expanded, from 15.7 full-time jobs to 22.8. Also in the case of the midwives was increased. On the question of the Chairman of the Committee Christiane Blömeke (Green), how the Points distribute on the individual areas, was darling, but no answer – a trade secret. This caused resentment, although the clinic-boss summoning, that there would be no personnel Problem.

Senator makes a clear announcement

Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks was not convinced. She wanted to know why the chief doctor at the weekend, where there was a shortage of staff, have not taken themselves. This darling could say nothing. “Even if, despite the delivery room-blocking, delivery of goods guaranteed, I expect that in the future such closures be prevented”, stated the Senator.

This article was written by Mike Schlink

*The contribution of “After the event of death, and closed Kreißsälen: clinic-in-chief of the Mary, help of in cross-examination” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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