The DAK has the insured data of around 17,000 Hamburg boys and girls of the year 2016, from the University of Bielefeld to evaluate. In the Report, amongst other things, to the question of how ill or healthy children in Hamburg, in comparison to other major cities. There are partly large differences.

More depression and Obesity

In Hamburg there was in the investigation period, to 28 percent more cases of depression and eight per cent more cases of very Overweight (obesity) than it is in other large cities. Both are related to each other. The Report shows that the probability is increased for Depression in children who are Overweight by up to three times. In the case of 16-year-old girl, depression is the most common, of them, eight percent are affected.

Hamburg, cuts better

to be Healthier as compared to children in other large cities of Hamburg, a young disease, among other things, in the case of the virus – there are 20 percent fewer cases. In addition, there were 20 per cent less dental caries-cases, ten percent less flu-like infections, as well as seven per cent fewer conduct disorders.

reasons for visits to the doctor

in Hamburg, the children are very often at the doctor’s in the year 2016, 90 percent went to just a practice. The most common reasons are: respiratory diseases (54 percent), infectious diseases (37%), eye disorders (29 percent). Mental illnesses had about a quarter of the children.

Chronic diseases

What is the child and youth report also revealed one in four children (26 percent) of the chronically sick. “These are diseases that can interfere with everyday life for children and parents significantly,” says Katrin Schmieder, head of the DAK-representation of Hamburg. Asthma was the most common chronic disease, 7.6 percent of all children were affected. It atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis and inflammatory bowel consequences of diseases. Boys (28 percent) are slightly more likely to be chronically ill than girls (24 per cent).

Frequent back pain

back pain is not rare in children. At age twelve, almost a quarter of all girls and boys is affected at least once in a year. “This is alarming, because early muscle-skeletal problems in adulthood, severe back pain itself,” says Katrin Schmieder. One reason for this movement is poverty.

cost for sick children

Per capita has been issued by the DAK in 2016, exactly 917 Euro. This is five percent more than in other large cities, but two percent less than the national average. The DAK has issued 15.2 million Euro for children’s health. Their prevention campaign “fit4future”, which is currently running in 50 primary and special schools, should be extended. This year, you should start in secondary schools and in 2020, in day-care centres.

This article was written by Simone Paul’s

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