Especially new year’s eve will be attacked policemen and fire brigade forces. But also in everyday life, you are often not sure – in the event of accidents, in the football stadium, on concerts. This used to be?

“If the violence against rescuers is on the increase, is difficult to say,” says criminologist Pfeiffer. “In may 2017, a new offence was introduced in stock for the detection of such offences,” he explains. After such a Change, the Numbers have increased, according to Pfeiffer, according to experience, always for the first time.

“people have become more brutal,” he is convinced. A difference of the criminologist sees still Today, everyone have the opportunity to take pictures with his phone. This is often the trigger for violence against emergency workers. Pfeiffer: “The Photograph encounters the reluctance of the Savior, it rocks.” Would be new year’s eve alcohol. to reduce

To the acts, calls Pfeiffer more police officers in Germany. “We need the enforcement of the standards by a capable police and effective law enforcement to deter. Because we have deficits.“

This article was written by Max Weinhold

*The contribution of “attacks on rescuers: criminologist: “people do not become brutal”” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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