a lighter note, the police moved on Saturday to a house at the Nienhagener Straße. The note, according to a man camped there, large quantities of new year’s eve fireworks.

The police moved in, first with a patrol car. Quickly, the officers were found In the apartment and in the basement they found such large quantities of fireworks, they decided that the bomb squad alarm.

According to a police spokesperson, legal fireworks was found with a so-called net explosive substance mass of an estimated 80 kilograms – significantly more than is allowed: How much the fireworks private persons are allowed to store, depends, among other things, whether there are in the warehouse, the living room. In an apartment, for example, a maximum of a Kilo of fireworks may be stored. In a free-standing building without a housing, for example, in a Garage may have a maximum of 15 kilos of fireworks are stored.

the owner of the huge amount of fireworks a display because of the illegal storage of explosive substances is expected now. The fireworks was ensured.

*The contribution of the “bomb squad moved in: Hamburger hoard huge quantities of fireworks” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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