“The A and O when champagne is proper storage. The special offer from the shop window was exposed to light and temperature fluctuations,“ says Dierks. Champagne should be stored without direct sunlight and at a constant temperature.

“the time spent by the champagne in the bottle ,on the yeast’ taste and Aroma,” says Dierks. “Rule-of-thumb here: the more Expensive the fabric was long on the yeast. You can tell by the smell: The champagne smells like fresh Toast.“

How do you recognize a good champagne? “Real champagne only comes from France from the growing region of Champagne. A sparkling wine ,method Champenoise‘ is not a true champagne,“ says Dierks. “Vintage champagne are high quality, no wine may be made from reserves added to a weak year to spice things up”. This means that The quality of the harvest depends on the weather and depending on more expensive.

And what you should spend in order to have quality in the glass? The champagne is the house brand of Aldi for 12.99 euros. However, the expert advised against the cheap foam wine: “The champagne has acid a hard carbon and a strong acid at an introductory price, there are appropriate quality.” She recommends: “Better to be ten euros more to spend for a ,Special Cuvee’ Bollinger’, it is 23 euros and is milder and easier to digest.”

In the price segment of about Dierks advises champagne “H. Blin”: “Here’s a good price-performance-ratio.” The bottle costs 30 Euro. “A little more expensive brands ,Drappier’ or’ Bollinger’, but also very good champagne for the money.”

This article was written by Alisa plow

*The article “buying tips for fine wine to new year’s eve: “champagne must comes to Toast smell”” of Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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