“I never heard to fall Asleep,” said spokesman Oliver Rohrbeck (Justus Jonas) in Hamburg, the German press Agency. “I think it would be funny to go to the closet and get me something to fall Asleep, where I myself speak on it. I would grieve me Yes,“ said the 53-Year-old. Rohrbeck, Jens Wawrczeck and Andreas Fröhlich have this year, in October 40. Anniversary as a spokesman for the California Junior-detectives Justus, Peter and Bob. The debut Of “Super parrot” has been on 12. October 1979, published. To date, over 46 million records sold, 2019, appears to be 200. . The success of none of the three have seen before, so Wawrczeck (Peter Shaw). “In the meantime, we have a meaning for generations to come. Because after 40 years, of course, several generations listen to. At the time, we were completely naive.“

Long had only known a few of the faces of the three, said Andreas Fröhlich (Bob Andrews). “At the moment, if you look at the faces, is this Medium, of course, so a bit of a break. That is why it has been actually avoided also, what was with the other radio drama productions from Europe often the case: to publish photos of us.“ Tube Beck: “I know that we had sometime in the’ 80s, a request to make a “Bravo”-star cut. We wanted three but all of them.“

Although the three main speakers very well employed a Synchronous and an Audiobook narrator and theatre play, hold the radio drama classics in the Original cast of the Faithful.

the cinema – and TV viewers-tube Beck’s distinctive voice from the ‘ 90s Comedy “Wayne’s World” (Mike Myers) and the animated film “I – despicable” (Gru). Happily, the German voice of the actor John Cusack. He also said the creature “Gollum” in Peter Jackson’s film epic “Lord of the rings”. Wawrczeck until today, youthful Timbre is often heard in radio plays, for example in the staging of Marcel Beyer’s “flying dogs” (2013).



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