The woman was against 13.40 PM with the S3 from Pinneberg in the direction of Hamburg on the go. She was with her brother (38) in the S-Bahn and sat in her wheelchair on a special place for people with disabilities. A Drunk want to be there, even though it was in the compartment seats.

The brother asked the man to look for another place. As the police said, was Drunk, and in a wheelchair. Her brother fought off the attack and pushed him to the side.

A brave passenger (33) holding the alcohol-Pöbler until the Arrival of the Federal police. At the train station Elbgaustraße the Drunk was arrested, and a police station. Then he came to a sobering-up cell. Against the police well-known man, a criminal case was initiated. Injured at the incident.

*The article “In the S-Bahn line S3: Drunk (56) went off on a wheelchair (23)” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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