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officers of the police Commissariat of 14 have taken place on the early Saturday evening, three men provisionally determined, are suspected to have a break-in theft committed. The competent land criminal police office (LKA 112) for the Region of mid 1 has taken over the investigation.

A witness (23) observed three men, the plied with a longer item on the door of a Kraal around and alerted the police.

to exit The alarmed officials met on two poles (32, 42) and another male Person (23/nationality not cleared), as these were just the crate. In the crate a drinks – and empties warehouse, from which the suspects stole, according to the current state of the investigation empties.

The people were taken into custody and the PK 14. The crime service (LKA 26) guided in the first investigations led to the identification of the suspects.

After the completion of the police action were dismissed, the two 23 – and 42-year-old suspect, because there are no grounds for Detention templates.

The 32-Year-old was arrested on the basis of a in addition, the present arrest warrant and the UG Hamburg, fed.


This post is provided by: the Hamburg police/news up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

the Hamburg police/news aktuell


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