After only a few days ago considering a toll for the driving Through of the ohlsdorf cemetery is known, stimulates now, the first criticism of the plans. The FDP in Hamburg-Nord will be tabling a motion in the district Assembly, in the refusal of a General toll and opting instead for alternative solutions to reduce the use drive-through traffic.

The previous Plan: For the pure drive-through traffic that uses the cemetery grounds only to Abbreviate, for example, from Ohlsdorf to Bramfeld, to a toll in the amount of three euros will be charged. Anyone who makes it to the cemetery for a walk, or a grave visited, is about to pay only 50 cents.

Who will not be abbreviated, should also do not have to plates

in Contrast, the FDP Hamburg-Nord is fighting. “We basically share the goal of merely passing motor vehicle traffic from the Ohlsdorf cemetery to keep so rest and worship not be disturbed. However, it must be ensured that those who want to visit the graves of their Deceased relatives or friends there, are not burdened with additional fees,“ says Ralf Lindenberg, spokesman for the FDP for Fuhlsbüttel, Langenhorn, Alsterdorf and Ohlsdorf.

Instead, the party proposes a bollard in the Central Allee, which divide the cemetery into two halves, and only happen for “bus services, mortician, or work vehicles of the cemetery”. Alternatively, it should be charged for vehicles that leave the Ohlsdorf cemetery on the same output, they are also run-in, no fee.

The FDP Hamburg-Nord wants to make the request on Thursday in the district Assembly.

*The contribution of “transport should be still less: FDP rejects toll’s plans for the Ohlsdorf cemetery” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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