“the goal and meaning of it was then, as now, to get a book and graphic culture, and to revive, in the previous decades, had gone through the demise of the book printing technology in the lead sentence, and the various illustration techniques such as linocut and etching, almost lost,” explains Hans Witte. The Hameln-based company operates in Deitlevsen the “Edition Einstein”, in which he devoted himself to ancient printing techniques.

Witte is taking part, together with the head of the Hamelin printing Museum in Hefehof, Jürgen Seeger, at the Hamburg Messe. “I will show books, graphics, and objects. However, no mass-produced goods, but mostly in the hand set of printed books, with selected high-quality paper and original Illustration. The pads are, by nature, a bibliophile small, between one and 50 copies, only of the Struwwelpeter a higher edition.“

The thematic focus of Witte’s book of artistic publications is the series “The other children’s book” that have arisen in the course of his now 30-year-old working in the “Edition Einstein” 31 expenses. Witte explains: “This well-known content, such as ,The sweet porridge’ of the brothers Grimm ,little red riding hood’, , ‘Sterntaler’, but also new inventions such as the recently published large-format ,ABC of wild children’.”

For Witte is the importance of the fair, “that it has become a benchmark for high quality the art of the book”. Who will make it as he with his the art of the book, after examination there, the had to be good. “My Work is strongly influenced by typographic inventions, letter of gizmos from my large collection of very old lead and wood letters.”

For Witte as a participant, and Seeger, as a visitor to the Hamburg trade fair is an important experience and learning. “It’s technically-oriented visitors, such as bookbinders, archivists, artists, and private visitors, the Museum people, calligraphers and authors. In addition, it is the illustrators who bring manuscripts.“

The conclusion of the Hamelners: “If it creates a fair, on a weekend in the 2500 attract visitors, then this creates for the participants lots of Motivation.” Witte hopes also to many visitors from the Weser mountain country, because “such cultural Highlights do not appear, unfortunately, to regional fairs. Therefore, the art of printing is so important for us.“ The fair will be held on may 16. and 17. February instead.

This article was written by Ernst August Wolf

*The article “”art of printing” on the Hamburg trade fair” comes from Dewezet. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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