The member of the management Board held the Smartphone and his wife spoke along with Barbara birthday greetings to Tobisch‘ daughter, who is studying abroad in the camera. Stupid only, that the Bank’s expert did not pressed the record button correctly. Fortunately, the found his wife and quickly took Barbara. This Time the Smartphone is held Joke Meyer and the recording worked. Tobisch s took’left: “I stand to what I can.” And that’s just the Bank.We see Barbara schöneberger may soon be back in the Region? The fact that the singer and TV presenter might well occur well in Bad Pyrmont, and the taste of the Kurstädter would meet, started Bad Pyrmont’s event Manager Silke Schauer, to the Bush. Maybe she has booked the beautiful Berger for a long time and it is not allowed to reveal yet?! We are excited to see.As if he had known it before: Hess noted Japanese Oldendorfs mayor Harald Krüger on the evening: “I am in harmony with Mrs. Berger.” Because: beautiful Berger’s red sparkling sequin dress by designer Mary Katrantzou, the red tie of Harald Krüger fit perfectly. Politically motivated the choice of colour was, this Time, under no circumstances, he stressed. kk

*The contribution of “birthday greetings from Barbara schöneberger” comes from Dewezet. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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