At the Grand Prix of Mexico to 2018 Lewis Hamilton won his fifth world title. He drew equal with the great Juan Manuel Fangio, had Sebastian Vettel defeated after a long stretches of exciting world Cup duel in the end. Because of his driving Superiority – as the experts agreed. Actually, a good reason to let the emotions run free.

But Hamilton had not attained the Triumph with a decisive victory, but with a moderate fourth. And the Mercedes Team had lost the Nimbus of invincibility in a race in which the media highly stylized “wonder wheels” were not used. At least temporarily.

To outsiders, the new world champion didn’t seem euphoric, as you would suspect, actually. But almost lethargic.

“Let me realize first that I won this title,” he told media representatives. And confirmed our observations indirectly, by he formulated vaguely: “I don’t know why, it’s weird, but …”

“When I won the formula 3 Euro series, years ago, I have not registered it also. And Hey Presto, I had already won the next championship. I hope that makes it quick to click. The longer I think about it, the greater the joy is.”

After the fifth title: Where were the big emotions?

at Least until the FIA Gala in St. Petersburg, six weeks after the world Cup decision in Mexico city, has not made it seem to click. Hamilton then upped the world champion-press conference, because he slightly room to beat in the hotel was (and, as rumor has it, behind closed doors, not in the mood for the same old questions from the same journalists had). And also at the Gala itself, he made the impression that his joy was exuberant.

“If you already have five titles, it is difficult to motivate yourself each and every day,” suggested Nico Rosberg, Hamilton’s former team-mate – and at the same time the last, has beaten Hamilton on a full season seen. The was 2016.

Hamilton, it seems clear, new goals. A sixth title would be in the sense of a new milestone, just as a 74. Grand Prix victory, or a 84. Pole-Position. But a goal it is still, for him, comes so slowly in the range: Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton is now 34 – and thus five years younger than Kimi Raikkonen, who has just signed a new two-year contract with the Sauber Team. “As long as he has joy in what he does, I see Lewis is still here for many years,” says Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. “Kimi is 39. There is still some.”

For a further two years, in 2019 and 2020, runs Hamilton’s Mercedes contract. As long as he should have – if no major Surprises happen – capable of winning Material. Two years to Schumacher’s records to the authorized regardless of – and perhaps even surpassed?

Hamilton takes Schumacher to target

Over the Winter, Hamilton has – so tell it to people close to him – just as a new goal for himself: to get the two titles that are missing on Schumacher. And the 18 wins.

“91 wins”, it, “says already a lot of wood. But, I’m still a couple of years, so I can get it, hopefully at least close to it.”

“Michael,” says Hamilton, “was a genius in how he built Ferrari around him and what he is with the Team. I’ll always be a Fan of him.”

the seven titles irritate him, because the experts all agree. “He still has two years of contract and, therefore, for at least two years to obtain the seven titles and the number of wins. So, as he drives at the moment, I’m pretty sure that’s now a concrete target for him,” says Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes technical boss James Allison says: “This means everything to him. He is fully focused on it. He now has five titles, but it might as well be his first. He burns every weekend, to land in front of all the others. And that’s not gonna be a next season otherwise. So he is defined. And he will not rest until he has achieved this goal.”

Wolff warns: Before the seventh, the sixth title is coming!

But while the whole (formula 1)world talking about the seventh title, remembers Toto Wolff to suggest that since what is to be done else: “The reason why he has the fifth title brought to, that he is focused on his Job and not too far over the edge of the plate looked. Before he goes to seven, there are to win even a sixth! And for that, we have collected a world championship point.”

The Austrian hopes to be able to write the success story at the end and win 2019/20 two more titles with Hamilton. “We still have two years contract until the end of 2020. Theoretically, we can still have two world Championships to win. It would be great to achieve this. I think we are in a good Position,” he says.

“But the fact is that the points will be zeroed after each season. The challenge will be in 2019, yet larger than it was last year. We are confident that we can do it. But I’m sure that Ferrari, Red Bull and the others are all trying to keep us away.”

Hamilton had been to 2018 “at the peak of his creativity”, Wolff is convinced. “That may perhaps go further, if we give him a good car. We have created a very good atmosphere in our Team and encourage each other to top performances.”

The feel of it in every Briefing. In which it is sometimes “brutally honest” chats Wolff from the beans. “And Lewis plays a very active role – he’s become in the past few years, becoming more and more active.”

Verstappen, Leclerc #AND# co.: New opponent for Hamilton

But the challenge is even greater from year to year. Not only that, Teams like Ferrari and Red Bull saws, with all the funds on the technological leadership of the Mercedes. Driving sprout new rivals just like mushrooms from the ground. Max Verstappen is already established in the Top ranks. 2019 is another “young Wilder with Charles Leclerc in a Ferrari” as an opponent.

Hamilton considered the left: “Who would have thought that I could increase this year? I believe that still more going on. This year I have reached a new climax that I have previously considered possible – as far as the Driver. Because I want to stay as well. And there are other areas where I can still improve. To stay Fit, focused, balanced. And I have other things for sure.”

doesn’t Sound like one who can no longer motivate. And Hamilton knows exactly: would he surpass Schumacher’s records really, one would talk about him probably as the best formula 1 driver of all time. That the spurs, he would admit it publicly-never. But it is in the nature of man to seek recognition.

“I would describe myself never considered to be the Best”, waves from the Mercedes-Star. “Of course I know my Strengths and know where I stand. But my Dad always told me, ever since I was eight years old: ‘it is better to Let the results on the track speak!’ I hope that my results on the track and the things I do away from the track, help people have a good opinion of me.”

“But there is always Michaels …,” he breaks the sentence and makes it look deep importance to him of the seven titles are. “Michael has a lot more victories than I do, so you could say he is the Best of all time. Fangio is in my opinion the God the father and will always remain so. To do what he did back when formula 1 was still so dangerous, before that, I have enormous respect for.”

On a level with Juan Manuel Fangio

“It is an honor for me to know my name now in the history books at his side. I’m insanely proud of the fact that the Name of Hamilton is now next to the name of Fangio. Even if I should stop from today to tomorrow, it would forever remain so. They can’t take this anymore.”

And there is still more. The formula-1 believe at least legend Jackie Stewart. “For many reasons” to believe that he, Hamilton, Schumacher’s 91 victories not only obtain, but to exceed them: “today There are more race of the season, as at that time, the Management is better, the factories are better, the Teams are larger, and for the success of more money than in the past.”

“The Best of times,” said Stewart , “was, for me, Fangio. From the riding style and technical view, it was for me Jim Clark. But then Alain comes in for me, Cheers. The has simply made no mistakes.”

to stay But it’s not just Hamilton, the Mercedes Team overall, need new goals to keep you hungry. Five world titles in a row, the has managed to are you getting a Ferrari, in the Golden Schumacher-years 2000 to 2004. To achieve this, was head of the team, Wolff at the time of his taking office, not a concrete goal. Now he has tasted blood.

“What I look at with a certain Pride: When I was much younger, I followed the Ferrari dominance, as they have dominated in the 2000s. Ferrari for many years was the Benchmark,” he recalls. “And we are on a similar path. We are not quite there yet. These are the goals that motivate us.”

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