Thursday, 3. January, 14.02 PM: Since two days, the former “world”presenter Harriet forest rock has a new Job: she leads with Dunja Hayali by the ZDF-morning magazine (“Moma”). In their first Live appearance on Wednesday, your Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer (CDU), however, anything other than a slight start gave.

forest rock wanted to know from the politicians, as his party before the upcoming parliamentary election, the AfD wool delimit. Kretschmar responded irritated and said: “I must do it differently than you and about our content, talking about, and what we intend to do and not on what makes others.”

The presenter was, however, calm and further asked, whether the CDU would be willing to govern together with the AfD. Kretschmar rebuked the 33-Year-old that he had answered this question many times. And more: “I’m sorry that you have not heard. And I’m a bit disappointed that just when the Public broadcasting service now on 2. January, the question again comes.” According to the scathing comment of the CDU was a politician, however, and the question will be answered but still businesslike: “A coalition with the AfD and the left party is excluded.”

As the forest rock, after its reply notes that the question of the coalition options still must often be made, said Kretschmer again irritated: “If a politician I answered like as Prime Minister this question properly, it must actually be good. And you can expect of journalists.”

The “Moma”-Team according to the Interview, the presenter, and wrote on Twitter: “successful purchase, the first shipment! So it can go on, dear Harriet von waldenfels.”

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