“This is the beginning of revival of the lake up,” says Abolfasl Abescht, who directs the project for the preservation of the Wetland. “The situation has worsened in the past 20 years, but now the Trend is stopped for the first time.” According to the Figures of the Iranian environmental protection Agency has risen in December for the first time, the water level and the area of the lake compared to the prior-year period. The lake Urmia used to be considered as one of the largest salt lakes in the world

Before the lake level due to low rainfall and a strong increase in water consumption was in agriculture. Anyway, just a few meters depth, the salt lake, which was once ten Times as large as lake Constance, threatened to dry up. Meanwhile, the salinity achieved in the near the border to Turkey lake with no natural outflow to a level that even the native crayfish are threatening to die out.

birds are less, the salt dust will be more

for years now, reports from local residents that the birds, which feed on the crabs, are becoming less and less. Meanwhile, the swirls of the Wind which creates more and more often, the salt dust from the former sea bottom, for serious health problems. Thanks to the project, which was launched in 2013 by Iran with the UN development programme and Japan with a Million dollars in a year will be funded, could be saved from the lake now, but still.

According to the Abescht it will certainly take decades until the lake has reached its old level, but the beginning is made. In order to stop the decline, the environmental project mainly to a change in the agricultural sector. “Almost 85 percent of the water from the lake basin is used for agriculture, and we try to help the farmers to reduce the consumption of cheap and efficient methods,” says Abescht. AFP The lake Urmia in northwestern Iran

promotes The project, in particular, organic farming, chemical fertilizer can be replaced and the soil is only ploughed lightly in order to increase the water absorption capacity of the earth. The farmer Afschin Medadi confirmed that the new methods will help him to reduce his water consumption and reduce costs. Although the new devices were initially expensive, but in the end, he save fertilizer and water.

20 women want to save the lake in your own

Some residents of the lake can also try on your own to save the lake. “We are a group of 20 women who have set up two funds to encourage women to pursue water-saving agriculture and produce Handicrafts in order to create sustainable employment in the village,” says Cobra Asghari, from the village of Gharehgoslu. Step by step she managed to move the men to a rethinking of to.

the participants of The project, the plants, the do now, olive trees and Crocuses for the production of saffron, with a little water. They also make rugs, dolls and cloth bags, in order to create a long-term alternative source of income to agriculture. Above all, they want to raise awareness for the environmental problems, in order to save the “dying Ecosystem” of the Urmia lake.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex researchers for the first time, an artificial “Gold” flr/AFP


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