With the refugee crisis has changed that, however. Increasingly it took on your own party members are evil, that they tried to wipe of the concerns always with your obfuscation tactics and their politics are not passionate said. Your appeasement rate “can-do” is an example. In the autumn of last year, poor results in state elections contributed persistently, finally, they renounced the party presidency, and as Chancellor after the legislature announced.

to Self-close companion of Merkel’s astonishment

The publicly declared a waiver on the day after the Hesse-choice at the end of October triggered a transformation in the case of the Chancellor, which more and more observers are amazed.

With the release of the party presidency a load off of your shoulders appears to be like, so liberated to occur, as this is during the last years has not been the case. From her face disappeared wrinkles, and when the opportunity for a joke, take you you. Companion from the near environment to confirm this observation is to FOCUS Online.

“Trapattoni also sad looser than Merkel”

the Munich-based body language expert Stefan Verra, the Merkel’s Gestures, and facial Expressions for ten years, observed, and analyzed, noticed the differences. “Although you realize that in your verbal language more evident than at the body language,” says Verra in an interview with FOCUS Online. But this was “quite normal”. Because, in contrast to verbal language, body language has been defined already at the birth Essentially. “The Italian football coach Giovanni Trapattoni, for example, would act in a sad state, much livelier than Merkel.”

Headbanging like Trump, clenched fist à la Macron

the insightful transformation of Angela Merkel was already two weeks before her official resignation as party Chairman in the General debate on the budget debate to watch. The regulations, as from hooked you quickly. Given the passion but, with the help of which you defended and then the UN-migration Pact, rubbed many observers the eyes. The Chancellor even suggested with the fist on the Desk, as she was in relation to refugees, “that we do not detach ourselves can other from suffering”.

Although there are small features, says Verra, but they made all the difference. Because Merkel had been cast as always “very static” in their Speeches. “She uses more often than in the past their clenched fist, which leads you to the lectern to give a statement emphasis – as is especially typical for Emanuel Macron.” You can do this, but with less vehemence than the French President.

“The bar chick Merkel takes nobody”

And also the forward Nod of the head to Emphasize important content to be seen with her more often than in the past. “A bit like the Headbanging of Donald Trump,“ says Verra with a grin. On the other hand, the native Austrian says that the perception of Merkel as a “gestural and rhetorical haven of peace” is perceived abroad is very positive. “A superstar like Trump or Silvio Berlusconi is not, in turn, is currently in Germany. And if Merkel would suddenly mimes the pub chick, take her.“

the Smile of the Chancellor is wide

the frequency of these elements have increased, appearances at Merkel’s, the body language expert. “The same applies to the open Issue of the elbow. To keep them close to the body is typical for women. But that Merkel will allow more distance of the elbow from the torso, is a clear sign that you have become more loose.”

The pressure to win something, is likely to be declined for Merkel since the autumn of noticeably. Probably this is a reason why the Smiles of the Chancellor has become wider.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit billing and processing: De Maizière describes the “heavy hour” with Merkel


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