Schulz was three months in a coma. Since the accident he is paralyzed and needs to be ventilated. While he was still in the hospital in a coma, his mother died.

Norbert Schulz’ greatest desire was there from the beginning, that he can visit her grave. However, only the Transport of the medical device is complex and expensive.

charity run in Sangerhausen To him, organized Tim cheek of the man a charity run in sang houses frieze stadium. 5.823 rounds, which were for the runners in the 24-hour race in sang houses frieze stadium to book. The total donations for the day amounted to some 4,300 euros. Enough to Finance the trip to Reckenzin.

cheek, man was made in March 2018 to 24-hour Swim from Katja Vogler on Schulz’s fate carefully. Vogler is the Boss of an advertising Agency, in the Schulz’ until his accident, worked. They organized in Sangerhausen an apartment for their former employees and found a care service that took care of the ICU patients who are at the time, and not even his arms could move.

“If you would have taken care of me, I would be now probably in a nursing home and would have probably never done this progress,” thought he.

wave of helpfulness

actually, didn’t the forecast that you made in the hospital to his dismissal, so convenient. Already he can sit, is a miracle. And even more the year 2018, the Norbert Schulz, a wave of helpfulness.

friends, Acquaintances, and, until then, completely alien people supported Schulz, organized the fundraiser that allowed him to be himself in the frieze of the stadium and organised a couple of weeks later, visiting in Reckenzin.

that he was able to visit the grave of his mother, is he all the helpers and supporters are eternally grateful, as he says. “That all this would happen, I would not have imagined twelve months ago. This has put me in such a way that no one believes. I was able to make in the past twelve months, insane progress,“ he says.

Back to life

now He can use even a Smartphone, can keep the contact to his friends, who follow on Facebook carefully, how is he and what is he doing, if you do not come to visit him anyway.

Now, in the Advent 2018-expected Schulz to his visit to the wheelchair and opened the door. “There are, perhaps, become the eyes large,” he says about the successful Surprise.

No help

failed only Now, in December, the representative of the insurance company of the accident were with him, to talk about the necessary tools. The representatives were very impressed by “Because I have been failed so far still no help,” says Schulz, who trained steadfastly to the specially-designed fitness equipment.

Today, his occupational therapist comes back from vacation. But in the holiday break Norbert Schulz was not idle, but has more trained. “I will now exercise my right Arm and the right-Hand to welcome you can give,” he announced.

And the fighter also that he will reach this goal, and perhaps soon. Himself in a wheelchair a push, this is another goal that he has set.

piece by piece, he wants to return to the stage of life. Norbert Schulz is the hard Training of youth to become accustomed to, because he was an Artist and belonged to the state circus of the GDR, was.

To the home game when RB Leipzig

Ten, twelve hours of Training a day, and the performances have made him one of the best artists who performed at the state circus “Aeros”. “Well, Hello” was his nickname and he says even today, when doubt, that he could not create something.

next destination at the end of March, the visit to a home game of the Bundesliga side RB Leipzig. If Norbert Schulz grabs? “Well, Hello!” Who has expressed any doubts? (mz)

This article was written by Beate Thomas Hausen

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