After the successful basketball world Cup want football and Basketball Live Broadcasts of their national teams in the ARD and the ZDF. On the Initiative of the “team Germany” want to promote the German hockey Federation (DEB) and the German Basketball Federation (DBB) in the case of the public-law TV channels to strive for the Events of your sports back rights, or to purchase Sub-licenses of the rights-holders. In the Initiative of the federations of football, Handball, ice hockey, Basketball, and Volleyball are organized.

“Where there’s a will, there is also a way to find”

“team sports in Germany, we are in dialogue with the public-service TV stations and may respond to requests in a flexible,” said ice hockey-President Franz Reindl of the German press Agency. “Where there’s a will, with our partners in a way.” Basketball-Association-in-chief Ingo Weiss said: “in Principle, we are with ARD and ZDF always in good talks and I’m positive to the conversations to the world Cup.”

Currently, the TV rights for the world Cup tournaments in ice hockey at Sport1 (until 2023) and in Basketball for the Telekom (up to 2021). “Our partners, which we feel generally very well cared for, are open,” said Reindl. White reported: “The Telekom as a right-holder has indicated to us that the public broadcasters about the world Cup is spoken.” dpa/Tobias Hase Wants more TV presence: DEB Boss Franz Reindl. Tobias Hase

scheduling of the world Cup games will be helpful for conversations

The next world Cup tournament in ice hockey held in may in Slovakia, Basketball in China in September. “We expect to see game times are between 13 and 17 o’clock as it is for us, of course, much easier to get into the program than in the evening – and we have quite a different quality of discussion,” said White.

the reason for the push is the success at the Handball world championship in January. Among other things, twelve million people had just seen the semi final of the DHB-selection against Norway on Friday evening (ARD-market share: 35 percent).

Franz Reindl repeated in 1976, Olympic-Bronze – DEB-President explains why German ice hockey-men favorite Canada FOCUS Online/Glomex Franz Reindl, can pack repeated in 1976, Olympic-Bronze – DEB-President explains why German ice hockey-men favorite Canada

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