Despite the roaring real estate prices, especially in Germany’s big cities, the home, the great goal of most Germans. In a survey last summer, 84 percent said that they would rather or certainly draw in the own property, if the would financially.

viewed Purely from a monetary perspective, it is best to the buying a house before 35. Birthday to handle, because then sufficient time for the necessary credit to Reach the pension to pay off – and then retired almost live for free.

These costs are coming at you,>

The price per square metre, we have developed from the data in the “Postbank living Atlas”, the expected price increases in each Region up to the year 2030. In addition to the pure purchase price, we expect with the various ancillary costs: an average agent Commission of 5,35%, a notary fee of 1 per cent, a basic book entry in the amount of 0.5 percent of the purchase price and in the respective Federal state current tax – which is currently between 3.5 and 6.5 percent.

As you can. for the home

save For the Saved, we also assume that they are hoarding the money under the mattress, but to create a net interest rate of three percent per year – for example, in the form of shares, bonds or funds “Net interest rate” means, in the case that you would have made after deduction of tax about the sale of shares is always a Plus of three percent annually. An effective annual yield of about 4.2 per cent would be needed, assuming that the taxes on stock gains until 2030 does not change.

The accumulated assets should be sufficient to go with the necessary equity capital in the financing of the own home. The more equity you can have in the completion of a house purchase, the less money you need to borrow from the Bank. According to better terms you will get for your real estate loan.

So much equity should you bring

A survey of real estate scout, has revealed that almost a quarter of the German purchase of the house completely without equity financed. It is absolutely not recommended. 71 percent of home buyers brought less than 50,000 Euro equity – which can be, depending on the place of residence is quite sufficient.

In our account, we assume three scenarios: One with very little equity (5 percent of the purchase price), and two with average rates (10 and 20 percent equity). The latter is the optimal value that you should for the house purchase need to bring to achieve in many large cities, but difficult. How to achieve three per cent return per year

To make it with the own four walls to work, it is essential that you invest your Savings to at least three per cent net rate of return (net of tax). For returns of about 4.2 percent per year are required.

This may sound in the current phase of low interest rates a lot, but it is not o hard to come by. The Dax, for instance, provides you with per year for 30 years, 8.4 per cent return per year – and even if he stammers, you can generate the correct individual shares, significantly more than six percent return in the year.

The most convenient both by the savings plan can be realized. The offers as good as any Bank. Then each month, investing a fixed sum in a financial product – for example, in an ETF on the Dax.

The cheapest district is located in the Thüringen

The good news: Who gives a home on the Land in the new Federal States are satisfied, the financing is very easy. For five percent equity in the Thuringian kyffhäuser circle around it is enough, if you create starting today, every month the 13 Euro. For 20 percent equity, it would be 54 Euro also absolutely feasible.

Currently, the cost of square meter here 623,54 Euro. Postbank anticipates a price decline of 3.3 per cent per year until 2030. This would correspond to a square meter price of only 403,10 Euro or 40.310 euros for a 100-square-meter Apartment.

A house in Munich costs almost a Million euros

The complete opposite is, not surprisingly, is Munich, however, not the city, but the surrounding district. Here is the square meter costs today 6.789,44 Euro, in twelve years, it should be 8.572,54 Euro. A 100-square-meter Apartment is inclusive of ancillary costs in the case of 946.023 Euro. Who wants to Finance it, has to dig deep in the bag. Even for only five percent of the equity in a monthly savings rate of 278 Euro would be immediately necessary, for 20 percent it is even 1,111 Euro.

The exact values for your Region can be found in the table above or simply click through the interactive map. What you need to consider for the real estate credit,

no Matter how much equity you bring, the largest part of the house you will need to Finance the purchase continues to be a credit. For the, in turn, is next to the height is crucial that you have a permanent job with a regular salary. Also, you should have no negative Schufa entries.

In the case of the embodiment of the loan, you should note two things: firstly, you should choose the Rates so that you can operate comfortably, without major compromises in your other life make.

Secondly, you should take care, especially in the current low-interest-rate times, that you agree to rates at the beginning of the highest possible Repayment. Thus, their debt burden is falling faster, so that you can pay back the loan total faster. This has the pleasant side effect that the entire interest burden is lower.

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