In the schleswig-Holstein district Pinneberg has overcome the Wolf with the marking GW924m again a stove safety fence, and a sheep behind it ripped. The “Bild-Zeitung” reported. Because he was more than once striking, released the young Wolf since the end of January for the launch. However, not everyone is allowed to hunt him down. The Ministry of the environment of Schleswig-Holstein selected for this purpose, an anonymous Firing squad.

“The Wolf is several times went behind a wolf-proof fences,” explained Mr. Touré, spokesman of the Ministry – and, thus, it is a problem wolf. A kill can pull the competent nature conservation authority in consideration when a Wolf has, on several occasions, at least twice, overcome a stove safety fence.

Until the end of January to have caused the Wolf with the marking GW924m at least eight cracks behind herd protection fences in the district of Pinneberg, such as the NDR reported. Last Tuesday, the renewed attack on sheep in Rethwisch (district of Pinneberg), was added.

the Ministry sent to anonymous launching the command

is The problem wolf “GW924m” is now being hunted by a group about which not much is known. In order to guarantee the protection of the hunter, you will remain anonymous. Furthermore, it is also not known how many people it is. Because the discussion between farmers and conservationists, the conservation status of the wolf is cooking.

it was always the same Wolf, however, it is safe. “We know it by the samples of the last few months,” says Touré. Because to cracks if there is, for example, from sheep, is always taken from a specimen in the Senckenberg Institute in Frankfurt am Main, sent and genetically investigated.

The male with the marking GW924m probably comes from Denmark, and has since the mid-2018 in the Region of Pinneberg, in Schleswig-Holstein.

wolves are compared to the people scouring

In Schleswig-Holstein, according to Touré, in the meantime, three to four wolves – all single animals. It is assumed that it is young animals that have been separated from their pack to find their own territories. Not all animals are “problematic”. In the district of Segeberg had been on several occasions spotted a she-wolf, the act is, so far, completely unobtrusive.

“wolves are shy animals, just in front of people”, explained Mr. Touré. That of the animals, an acute danger for the people to go out, don’t believe the spokesman of the Ministry of environment of Schleswig-Holstein. It had previously occurred in Germany very rare that wolves people would be approached.

According to German law protected wolves by the Federal nature protection law is particularly strict, and may not be killed or caught. Anyone who kills a Wolf without a permit, you must reckon according to the with a fine of up to 50,000 euros and a three-year prison sentence.

“The Wolf has no natural fear of people”

in Germany, the Federal office for nature conservation had confirmed last 73 wolf pack and 30 couples, as well as some sedentary individuals. For the protection of species, the positive news for farmers is not necessarily, because in Germany it always comes back to wolf attacks, in which dozens of livestock and grazing animals perish. Therefore, demands to loosen the high level of protection under the wolves.

Torsten Reinwald, of the speaker of the German hunting Federation, it holds about as useful, to the strict protection status of the Wolf in Germany, to weaken, to be able to faster and less bureaucratic to react. “No country has such a high population and so many wolves, such as Germany,” says Reinwald.

And the coexistence of man and Wolf is functioning only when both of respect to have for each other. “The Wolf has no natural fear of people, you have to teach him to stay away, and quickly intervene when a Wolf is striking.”

A danger to humans posed by the Wolf, does not see a purely forest in General, but – at least as long as the person accepts that the Wolf is a wild animal and behaves. Wolves to be fed, for example, you will quickly lose the shyness.

For the pasture the wolves are still a challenge. Schleswig-Holstein Schäfer afraid of the animals. At a Demonstration in Dithmarschen they made on Wednesday to their problems by the grey hunter’s attention. According to the Ministry, have been registered since the return of the wolf in the year of 2007 until the beginning of January, a total of approximately 98 attacks on sheep, calves and ponies. “75 the proven wolf cracks are from the year 2018,” says Touré. The many dead animals of the past few weeks.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Video shows stray Wolf in Magdeburg – the city now speaks a warning from the CPI


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