Spin the TV to stand as an abbreviation for “Special Interest TV” – have, among other things, “We are moving – Tutti and Rita’s do it” (RTLII), the section “Secret of Succes” in the magazine Red Pro 7 “Steel Buddies” on Dmax produced. And so, “Out – the Stripper-WG”. A kind of “Berlin – day & night” with more Tattoos and less clothing. FOCUS Online

It revolves around the real Stripper Agency Devotion from Cologne. Agency boss Chris (Instagram: __Chris grey) moves in with his girlfriend Feli, the two Men Strippers Ferhat and Philippe, and Philippe’s Australian Stripper-girlfriend Georgie in a row house in Cologne-Vogelsang. The as a chemistry lab assistant working girlfriend Hannah and their cat Perla. The reason is that Chris wants to save on rent (now only 2,400 euros for six people), and probably also his artists a little better under control. Thus, for example, the American police officers uniform Ferhat is not always in the performances, Not a Policeman, age forgets (“seriously?”) Screenshot RTLII Chris (left) and Philippe oil in front of the appearance.

the house have Visited the catchment only Chris and his Feli, because all could find a common date. Here, Feli wants to draw rather be with Chris alone together. “I like to be alone. Am I the Only one that lives on the strip and this whole party has no buck,“ she says, and pulls out anyway, because they would otherwise live 45 minutes away from Chris.

The Stripper, there is real, even if they are called differently, not (more) in Cologne live, they are bookable on the side of Chris‘ Agency is Devotion. One can only hope that his girlfriend Feli once in approaches so in reality.

The girlfriend smells everywhere “Sluts”

In the TV is working Feli in a logistics company and studying at the International Management. The blonde with the nose piercing acts together at the beginning, smarter than the rest of the staff. Up to the moments where you feel the jealousy and it begins with the Theorizing. “Unfortunately, there are too many Sluts. You’re with a lot of dancers on the go. The likelihood of You bitches hit quite high“, explains Chris. Why is it that with a Stripper? She had slipped in the relationship as “pure,” she says. And as Chris with the Stripping started, “I was already in too deep.” Screenshot RTLII Chris asks his jealous girlfriend Feli after the show, if everything is ok.

And so together with on the move, while the trained Boys need to be encouraged to use your presenting muscles for Practical in everyday life. Egocentric Ferhat want to have as a Single to a bigger room as the Couple Philippe (Instagram: philippe.cier) and Georgie (Instagram: georgi.jane) together. But it dissolves everything. No claims chemical laboratory assistant Hannah, a friend who is fond of dancing, but not Stripping. As a Honey, you can also book now in reality (Insta: __honeyhunn_).

Because of the relocation proceeds smoothly, and Chris‘ mother, Gabi (50) even when you move in, with sparkling wine and canapés, have a look, need something dramatic for the TV narrative.

is Not only a Stripper but a Stripper in Majorca

Chris has big plans, he wants to make his own event, the toyboy night on the legs. For this, he wants to make even Daniel (26), so far, a dispatcher, Were to the Stripper. The newcomer is instructed by the guys in front of the mirror in the secrets of seduction of the audience: “Your face does not need to say it, but your Feeling has to give, as You would the Person f…” € 6,000 rental costs, however the Club for the event, which aims to bring the breakthrough. 2.500 Chris is still missing. Since the Job of a strip club in Mallorca called for him. Screenshot RTLII The boys rehearsing their choreography for the toyboy night.

However, not for Feli: “to be honest, why the need to be? Mallorca, that’s disgusting. Mallorca sleeps a lot together,“ holds it before him. And then to the camera: “Chris always comes down to booze ideas. It is not enough that he is a Stripper, now he wants to be a Stripper in Majorca.“

Director, or just a selfie stick?

The boys to fly of course, however, after Mallorca, and distribute during the day flyers to the ladies on the beach for the evening Show. All goes well until Feli comes on the weekend to visit on the island. Chris needs to tell her while walking on the beach Promenade, the same as the First, as a stripper was for him. She snaps. He has little empathetic: “I want to make just for two days and You’re already on the eggs.” You: “You’re pissing me off with Your stories”. In this case, both actors are trying to the Smile to press. A Director was actually present, the times has watched, whether facial expression fits roughly to what is being said, or at least a camera man or was that filmed everything with a selfie stick? Screenshot RTLII Feli and Chris are arguing on the beach promenade. The performers need to grin.

Well, you reconcile with champagne on the beach before Chris goes back to professionally Popo-Pan. All is well again. Until the next Morning, Chris is in pain, can barely walk. “I don’t know how many women have me carved yesterday on the butt,” he says. But alone, it can not be. “Maybe a nerve is pinched,” says Feli. To the doctor. Syringe and painkiller. A real miracle cure apparently. The next Morning, Chris already much better.

The Stripper-WG is Scripted Reality and you have to have a bit of fun in this kind of pseudo-documentary shows, to stick with it. The first episode scored high with the excitement of something New. A lot has happened, however, is not. Drama is only alleged. Let’s see if the Strippers still manage, in the remaining three episodes on the accelerator grip.

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